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Welcome to Relaxing White Noise, the podcast featuring white noise and nature sounds to help you sleep, study or soothe a baby. We make relaxing sounds to improve your life and are excited to share them with you. Join the hundred million people who have already enjoyed our white noise soundscapesRead more

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Fan & Rain Sounds 8 hours | Sleep, Study, Focus or Relax with White Noise

Nov 25 • 08:00:47

A rainstorm pours outside while a fan creates a gentle breeze inside. The rain sounds and fan sounds together create a soothing white noise ambience. This eight-hour sound is helpful for sleeping, studying, focus or relaxation. Block out distracting noise, create a relaxing space and calm your mind....

Rain Sounds with Thunder and Ocean Waves 8 hours | Sleep, Study, Focus, Meditate | White Noise

Nov 24 • 08:00:47

For peace of mind and help with falling asleep, try playing this rain and thunder white noise. In the distance you can hear ocean waves which add to the relaxing nature ambience. This soothing sound may also be used for maintaining focus while studying, working, writing essays, reading, doing homework or any school assignment. The natural white noise of the thunder and rai...

Water Sounds for Sleeping 8 hours | Also helps you Concentrate | Nature White Noise

Nov 23 • 08:00:47

For sleeping or studying, it's helpful to have a soothing background sound to block out distractions and calm the mind. The water sounds in this podcast are the perfect combo to do just that. Fall asleep more easily and stay sleeping throughout the night with this nature white noise. Or, use the water sound to help you maintain focus as you work, study, prepare for exams, ...

Box Fan Sleep Sounds White Noise (8 hours) | Fall Asleep & Stay Sleeping All Night

Nov 22 • 08:00:48

Sleep better with this box fan white noise. The soothing sleep sound blocks out distracting sounds so that you can fall asleep more easily and not be awoken during the night. Sleeping is easier with fan sounds!

The fan noise is also a useful tool to help you with studying or any task that requires focus. Because the fan acts like a sound masking machine, your peace is not d...

Rain Sounds in Woods for Sleeping or Studying 8 hours | Rainstorm White Noise

Nov 19 • 08:00:47

Deep in the woods, a gentle rainstorm brings soothing rain sounds that create the perfect ambience for sleeping, studying, relaxation or focus. Let the nature white noise calm your mind and block out the distractions of the world....

Car Ride Sounds for Baby Sleep 8 hours | Soothe Crying or Colicky Infant with Driving White Noise

Nov 18 • 08:00:47

Many parents find that riding in a car helps their baby sleep. This car ride white noise is a useful tool for helping soothe a crying, colicky infant.

According to, new parents drive on average more than a thousand miles annually to put their babies to sleep ( One reason that driving help...

Thunderstorm and Rain Sounds 8 hours | Fall Asleep & Stay Sleeping with Rainstorm White Noise

Nov 17 • 08:00:47

Rain falls upon a forest while gentle thunder rumbles in the distance. By blocking out distracting sounds, this thunderstorm white noise is perfect for helping you fall asleep and remain sleeping all night long. If you have troubles getting to sleep at night, the rainstorm with rolling thunder can help by providing a soothing ambience for your bedroom....

Studying White Noise 8 hours | Focus on Homework, Test Prep, School

Nov 16 • 08:00:47

We all need to focus at times, especially if you're a student facing homework or test prep, and we're often surrounded by distractions. It's time to block that all out and study better with white noise. Whether you need to concentrate for studying, homework, reading, writing, exam prep or other school work, playing white noise in the background helps by blocking out distra...

Ocean Waves Relaxation White Noise 8 hours | Sleep to Waves Crashing Nature Sounds

Nov 15 • 08:01:27

Imagine sitting on a pebbly beach, watching the ocean waves gently lap against the shore. The white noise of the waves crashing creates a soothing ambience to help you unwind. You can also play the ocean sounds to help you fall asleep.

Do you love the ocean as much as we do? #TeamSeas is cleaning up the world’s oceans and rivers, for every dollar donated, #TeamSeas will cle...

Rain Sounds for Sleep 8 hours | Castle Rainstorm White Noise | Fall Asleep & Stay Sleeping

Nov 13 • 08:00:48

You're listening to a rainstorm at Windsor Castle. Be royalty for the day! You deserve it! A rainstorm settles upon Windsor Castle in rainy England. As you fall asleep, imagine yourself in the royal residence listening to the soothing rain sounds. The storm white noise is smooth and steady with no thunder - perfect for sleeping all night long.

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