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Relationship Radio: Marriage, Sex, Limerence & Avoiding Divorce

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Want help for your real-life relationship problems? We address issues that couples face every day and provide tools to deal with: affairs, limerence, sexual rejection, lying, communication issues, and much more. If you want to know how to make your relationships stronger - this podcast is for you.Read more

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Can You Repair A Marriage After An Affair?

Dec 1 • 34:33

Can You Repair A Marriage After Your Spouse Had An Affair?...

Making This Marriage Different: How To Avoid Another Divorce

Nov 24 • 33:43

How can you make your marriage better and stronger?

Research shows that 33% of married couples want to seek help for their relationship. However, Gottman's research shows that couples wait an average of six years after problems begin to occur in their marriage before they get help. One of the biggest reasons people want out of a relationship is that they feel disrespected....

When to Divorce - Is it Time to Move On?

Nov 17 • 26:28

It's a fact. Not every marriage is going to make it. However, we wish every marriage would because we are very pro-marriage.

In this episode, Dr. Joe Beam and Kimberly Beam Holmes provide points about when it may be the right time to divorce and when it's not the right time. Divorce isn't a decision to take lightly. On the contrary, it's a weighty decision that you don't w...

Why Someone Would Cheat on the Person They Love

Nov 10 • 45:10

In this episode, Gemma from the Marriage Helper leadership team has a conversation with  Stephen and he shares his brave testimonial about having multiple affairs and still wanting to save his marriage.

This testimonial is about betrayal, heartbreak, self-improvement, and hope.  You'll hear Stephen's truth over the years, where he is at today, and the tools he has used to ...

Overcoming an Emotional Affair

Nov 3 • 33:56

How can you overcome the emotions of an affair? 

You can't change emotions just by sheer willpower. Understand that time changes emotions. So the intensity of what you're feeling toward other people will evolve with time. So whatever you or your spouse are feeling towards somebody else right now will not be the same thing you feel three years from now. The actions you take ...

Stages of Emotional Affairs

Oct 27 • 30:10

Let's talk about emotional affairs. Where do they come from? How do they happen? What stages does a person go through when they're having an emotional affair?

Typically, an emotional affair will begin with somebody who's not looking for one.

Understand that an emotional affair has to involve a deeper, emotional connection with another person. The only way we can develop a ...

Physical Affair vs Emotional Affair

Oct 20 • 24:55

Do you know the difference between a physical affair and an emotional affair?

Typically people refer to an emotional affair with no physical interaction between the two people, or if some physical interaction; it's not regular sex.

In this episode, Dr. Joe Beam explains the differences between physical affairs, emotional affairs, and limerence. You'll learn what to do if y...

My Wife Wants a Divorce and I Don’t (Real Life Story)

Oct 13 • 31:16

In this week's episode, Gemma from the Marriage Helper leadership team, interviews Shane, a recent workshop graduate.

Shane shares his story of fighting for his marriage by using Marriage Helper resources, while his wife stood her ground on wanting a divorce. This is a beautiful story of Shane using the PIES of attraction to work on himself and his relationships.

Shane's g...

Caught Cheating: What To Do When You've Been Found Out

Oct 6 • 28:46

Did you cheat on your spouse, get caught, and now you don't know what to do?

Your mistake doesn't have to last a lifetime and it doesn't have to define you. No matter how you feel right now, this isn't how you will feel forever.Consider all the years you've put into this marriage. Look at all that you have invested into it. Look at who you were before you committed this par...

Loveless Marriage - What To Do If Your Spouse Doesn't Love You Anymore

Sep 29 • 30:30

What do you do if your spouse says they don't love you anymore? We know it hurts, but it's not time to panic. We can teach you a way to bring love back to life. We call it the LovePath....

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