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The podcast extension of "Regular Car Reviews", a YouTube comedy car show.

Popular episodes

RCR Podcast #103: Now With Headphones!

Nov 19 • 01:18:01

Brian and You: Twitter Spaces

Nov 12 • 02:32:40

Brian and You: Twitter Spaces

Nov 12 • 02:32:21

RCR Podcast #102: Back Again with the Aforementioned 'Back Again'

Nov 4 • 01:18:03

RCR Stories: Fordlandia

Oct 31 • 01:02:27

Americans come to Brazil. Henry Ford had a vision of an American utopia on foreign soil. And no one was going to stop him from realizing that ambition. This is the story of how Ford took a plot of land in Brazil, built a town, and gave it his name -- and the complete disaster that followed. Fordlandia was more than just a fiasco for the Ford Motor Company or Henry Ford him...

RCR Podcast #101: Heritage Award Winner 'Niclols Roman'

Sep 10 • 01:54:39

Roman has won an award! In addition to the honors from the Automotive Heritage Foundation, Roman has also bought a brand new car! What is it? And what is his award for, exactly? Meanwhile, Brian documents his ongoing struggles with the Toyota Sera and how he plans to slay the figurative dragon. Moreover, Brian talks about why his next car MUST be a Toyota 4Runner and NOTHI...

Brian, Ben and You (Special Bonus Episode)

Sep 10 • 01:41:13

RCR Podcast #100: Brad El Bard

Aug 18 • 01:56:40

It's the 100th episode of the RCR Podcast! (Brian's audio is wonky for the first few minutes but it gets fixed promptly) This week, we're joined by podcaster/musician/jiu-jitsu practitioner Brad El Bard, who's here to talk about everything from electric cars and living a happier life, to automotive import laws and becoming a better writer. Also, Brian discusses his adventu...

Regular Beer Reviews with Tom Mix and Ben Toyota

Jul 9 • 02:22:46

RCR Podcast #99: Poison Ivy

Jun 24 • 01:19:00

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