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Faith, life, and theology come together in this weekly look into the people and ideas that shape Regent College.

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Providing Homes amidst the Housing Crisis - With Rebecca Pousette

Nov 26 • 44:09

The housing crisis has effected many major cities including here in Vancouver, Canada.   Providing affordable housing has also been a challenge for many cities.  Rebecca Pousette works for an organization called Cohere which inspires and encourages faith-based organization to develop affordable housing.  We hope this episode encourages and inspires you to help cultivate pl...

Called to be Friends - With Dr. Cindy Aalders and Dr. David Robinson

Nov 19 • 58:09

Calling often can be for vocation or career, but can one be called to friendship?   Many of us have had childhood best friends, but is friendship merely  a matter of preference?  And what does friendship with God look like, is it a disembodied friendship, or something more?  Join us in our conversation as we tackle these questions and more with Dr. Cindy Aalders and Dr. Da...

Dismantling the Doctrine of Discovery- With Sarah Augustine

Nov 12 • 41:53

In this conversation we unpack the harmful and destructive effects of the Doctrine of Discovery.  Sarah Augustine brings a much needed prophetic voice calling the church to rise up and take action against ways this Doctrine has and continues to devastate indigenous cultures.  Sarah recently wrote a book on this subject, called "The Land is Not Empty: Following Jesus in Dis...

Food, Virtue, and Early Christianity - With Dr. Dana Robinson

Nov 5 • 55:09

Often we think of food as simply our source of energy or something we share together at the dinner table, but have you ever thought of food in regards to discipleship and following Christ?  Dana Robinson has recently written a book on this very subject, specifically how food was used to form and shape Early Christianity.  We had a wonderful conversation about her book, "Fo...

Healing Racial Trauma - With Sheila Wise Rowe

Oct 29 • 43:09

Cultivating Belonging in a World of Glass - With Dr. Eric Jacobsen

Oct 22 • 51:34

Loneliness has been a major topic of conversation in recent years.  What is the antidote for loneliness?  Dr. Eric Jacobsen wrote a book recently on this very topic, entitled "Three Pieces of Glass."   We discuss what it looks like to cultivate belonging, not only on an individual level but also on a societal level.  Eric is passionate about reframing and restructuring the...

A Multitude of Voices - With Dr. Vince Bantu

Oct 15 • 01:01:13

Many Christians in western society describe Christianity as becoming a global religion, but is this the right way to think about Christianity?  Christianity has also been categorized at times as a white western religion.  How can we overcome these  false narratives?  Dr. Vince Bantu recently wrote a book on these very questions and helps to shed light on these false perspe...

Whole Person Healthcare - With Dr. Morgan Wills

Oct 8 • 59:37

Modern health care in the West has provided healing and hope for many, but it also has had its challenges. Often the uninsured, the immigrant, and the refuge have difficulty in western medicine, as it can be confusing and costly.  We had a wonderful conversation with Dr. Morgan Wills who is a Regent grad and the President and CEO of Siloam Health.  Siloam Health is a faith...

Race, Racism, and White Supremacy - With Joshua Koh

Oct 1 • 51:38

Wisdom in a Secular Age - With Dr. Gordon T. Smith

Sep 24 • 01:01:01

It is clear that we are living in and moving towards a post-Christian secular society, but is this actually a problem for the Church and society?  Should we try to hold tightly to Christendom or might this secular age provide more opportunities than we think?  We had a wonderful conversation with Gordon T. Smith on these questions and discussed his most recent book, "Wisdo...

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