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Hakim and Nuha are two recent graduates sharing their unique perspectives on issues that affect them as Muslim millennials in Singapore. These issues may range from student life to global issues that concern them. They record this podcast weekly, insyaAllah.

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What are the memories you hold most dearly?

Sep 25 • 39:16

You have to ditch one friend, who would it be?

Aug 8 • 35:14

How to Adult Successfully

May 8 • 42:21

Some of us just graduated while there are other who have already graduated a long time ago. There are also some of us who are working a full-time job while there are some of us who are unemployed and chilling. Regardless, there will be a point in time when we start to wonder as to what should we do with our lives because that is precisely us. ...

From Me to Me

Feb 15 • 41:21


Dec 24 • 47:15

Hello, ...


Dec 3 • 49:11

AdulTing: Struggling to Find a Job

Dec 1 • 31:12
AdulTing is a new series on Reframe.FM where we explore the intricacies and the problems that Millennials face after graduation such as finding a job, job-hopping, and basically, surviving in this adulting world.
In this episode, Amirah Hanis shared with us her experiences working in a special-needs school and also her very long journey to finally obtaining this job a few m...

Project Khat: The Secrets of Islamic Calligraphy

Oct 15 • 58:49

Do you know that there is sanad for Islamic Calligraphy? Just like every other science in Islam, calligraphy has its own set of knowledge that is passed down from one master artisan to another being traced all the way back to Uthman ibn Affan RA and Ali ibn Abi Talib RA....

Harith: Journalism, Music and Being a Creative

Oct 6 • 01:00:21
Go out and do. There is always enough time. It is whether we choose to pursue it or not. That is the message by Harith Rezza, a journalist, musician and photographer. 
Listen in to find out more about how he is able to manage all his passions in this series of Passion Vs Profession: The Arts.
Follow his Instagram:

Nasuha: Overcoming Judgments as a Freelancer

Sep 29 • 37:46

Nasuha is the founder of CahfeeCreative, @CahfeeCreative on Instagram. She is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer embarking on projects from small businesses to government organisations. Even though she was from a madrasah, Nasuha chose to take the road less travelled to be a freelancer. ...

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