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REDRUM is a podcast focusing on the true victims of crime. Each episode focuses on a new story. Real life, real victims, real crime. This is REDRUM. Produced and sound designed by Russ Clark. Title music by Benjamin James. Written and presented by Grace Cordell

Popular episodes

Episode Forty, The Abervan Disaster

Dec 1 • 46:45
Immediately he joined a small group of rescuers trying to reach the class rooms. What he saw he said would never leave his mind.  The children still at their desks, covered with slime, sludge and mud, dead by suffocation and the mummified form of the teacher still standing in front of the children with his arms out as though he was trying to protect them. He was dead.


Episode Thirty Nine, Kim Wall

Nov 1 • 34:12
At around 8:30pm that night, after Kim had been onboard for around an hour and a half, she texted Ole jokingly, saying ‘I’m still alive by the way, but going down now’, before adding that Peter had brought cookies and coffee, and then typed ‘I love you’.
That was the last time anyone heard from Kim.
The Kim Wall memorial fund-

Episode Thirty Eight, Samira, Richard and Grace [bonus]

Oct 29 • 21:26
This episode is a little different to our usual... it's a story that happened to Grace, told by Grace.


This is an unedited episode. We wanted to give you an extra Halloween special, but given the urgent nature of this episode, wanted to upload the raw, unedited version so bare that in mind whilst listening.


Thoughts to Samira, Richard, Grace at this time.







Episode Thirty Seven, Stephen McAfee

Sep 30 • 39:59

The next morning, at around 6am Suzanne got out of bed and began getting herself ready for the day. She began her day, readying herself for work, and went to check in on Stephen. She knocked on his door but heard no answer. She began to feel an immense amount of worry. She opened Stephen’s bedroom door and then saw that his bed was empty....

Episode Thirty Six, John Joseph Horgan

Aug 29 • 35:51
John agreed, and jumped over the low fence towards the back of the garden. He was followed closely by Lorcan who was carrying a sack, rolled up in one of his hands.

Once both boys were over the fence and in the back field they made their way over to a large set of bushes out of sight of the houses from where they’d come from.

There was a hole in the ground in front of them, ...

Episode Thirty Five, Arlis Perry

Aug 15 • 36:20

Officers made their way straight to the dorm that Bruce and Arlis shared, and when they arrived, knocked and waited for Bruce to answer the door. Once he did, officers were shocked to see that he was covered with blood. However, when they asked him who’s blood it was, Bruce insisted it was his own. He told the officers that he often got nose bleeds when he was under stress...

Episode Thirty Four, Countess Teresa Lubienska

Aug 1 • 38:55

As the ambulance wound its way through the crowded London streets, Teresa did indeed come to and tried to speak. Although it was difficult and she sounded as though she was choking, she was able to say to Ron ' I was on the platform- then stabbed...'...

Episode Thirty Three, Martine Vik Maggnussen

Jul 18 • 46:19

As the evening wore on, some of Martine's’ friends began to feel tired and at about 2 am decided to go back to their flats. Martine wasn’t ready to go home just yet, and wanted to stay out and have more fun....

Episode Thirty Two, The 7/7 London bombings Part 2

Jul 4 • 01:01:58

This is the final part of a two part series on The 7/7 London Bombings....

Episode Thirty One, The 7/7 London bombings Part 1

Jun 20 • 01:11:10

This is the first part of a two part series on The 7/7 London Bombings....

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