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The Redefining Strength Podcast brought to you by Cori Lefkowith is here to help you navigate through this crazy industry of health and fitness. Bringing you new workout, diet and fitness hacks every episode.

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FHP 348 - How Do You Stay Lean Year Round?

Dec 7 • 10:09

There will ALWAYS be ups and downs.

That includes cycles in our leanness.

I do NOT stay one weight, one exact leanness all year around.

Have the ups and downs gotten smaller over the years?


But that is due to constantly learning, creating that new set point and finding a BALANCE aka focusing more on consistency.

It’s from the YEARS adding up.

The longer we are at the weight ...

FHP 347 - Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Nov 30 • 07:31

We are what we tell ourselves we are.

I wrote that line above and sat here for a bit really thinking on that because so much of who and what I've believed I am has changed massively over the years.

And much by CHOICE.

Many of you have heard me tell the story of starting my first blog and how I refused to take photos of myself or be on video.

I wanted to write stuff. Not be a "...

FHP 346 - Help! I'm Traveling And I Can't Eat Well!

Nov 23 • 12:24

I’ve gotten a ton of questions about eating out and traveling and sticking with your macros.
 It’s funny how much we LOOOOOVE to overcomplicate this situation.

That’s why I wanted to chat through some strategies to help you stay on track even when you travel, especially if you’re traveling frequently for work.

Because we have to remember that it isn’t necessarily perfection b...

FHP 345 - Be Curious

Nov 16 • 09:12

I don’t know about you all, but I love Ted Lasso.

In the episode Ryan and I were watching last night, he talked about people underestimating him his entire life.

And how he didn’t understand it, but then saw a quote by Walt Whitman “Be curious not judgmental.”

After seeing that quote, he realized that everyone was judging and no one was curious and that is why they constantly...

FHP 344 - The Best Training Schedule In The History Of The World

Nov 8 • 10:03

The Best Training Schedule In The History Of The World

I often get asked what the best training schedule is. And I’m generally getting asked because we are worried we aren’t doing enough.

We definitely have the mindset of more is better.

If we aren’t spending enough time in the gym, we can’t get results.

But often this mindset is what holds us back.

We design for the “ideal” ov...

FHP 343 - Embrace Your Negative Emotions

Nov 2 • 07:11

I’d love to tell you there was a way to be happy 24/7.

But that’s just not the reality of being human.

Negative emotions are a part of life and a VALUABLE part at that.

I think too often we just try to avoid or ignore them, but they are going to be there regardless.

And actually often the more we “fight them” over owning up to them, the more they hold us back and drag us down.

FHP 342 - It's YOUR Choice

Oct 26 • 08:07

It's YOUR Choice

Things in our life are going to happen. Things outside of our control.

There’s no denying that.

But we also have to stop blaming these events for our successes or our failures and realize that ultimately we are in control.

And this is actually a good thing.

Yes, it stinks accepting full control because it also means you’re responsible for your failures, BUT it ...

FHP 341 - Am I Too Old?

Oct 19 • 11:25

Am I Too Old?

Are there changes that happen as we get older?...

FHP 340 - Do The Minimum

Oct 11 • 09:30

So we’re entering the time of year that well…we often slack a bit on those healthy habits. We get busy. There are tons of work things and family events…

Let’s face it…often the holidays are when our motivation fades and often our healthy habits fall by the wayside.

But I think part of the reason why we ultimately lose progress so we feel we have to start over in the new year...

FHP 339 - Progress Brings Setbacks

Oct 5 • 06:35

Funny how any time there is a blip or bump in the road toward results we feel like we’re failing....

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