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Recruitment On The Go is your daily podcast about all that you ever wanted to know about recruitment. With each episode, your hosts Caitie and Mingus will help you discover the latest recruitment trends, give you actionable tips and tricks, and provide you with tools and resources to help you stayRead more

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Season 2 Wrap Up

Feb 12 • 01:41
We have reached the end of Season 2 and what an insightful journey it has been. We would like to thank all of you for listening and joining us on our quest to empower recruiters with actionable tips.

We would like to thank our guests for contributing to the show:
Neelie Verlinden
Dr. Yuval Engel
And Kyle Snyder

While we take this break, go ahead and check out our blog at h...

How To Achieve A Diverse Candidate Pool With Inclusive Job Ads With Kyle Snyder Part 2

Feb 7 • 14:03
In part 2 of our conversation with Kyle Snyder about writing inclusive job ads, we learn more about the different types of inclusion and how to formulate job descriptions so that they attract a more diverse pool of candidates.

Looking for actionable tips to make your job ads more inclusive?
Download your FREE copy of 11 Tips For Writing Inclusive Job Ads here:

How To Achieve A Diverse Candidate Pool With Inclusive Job Ads with Kyle Snyder Part 1

Feb 6 • 17:08
In today’s episode, we are joined by Kyle Snyder, a trained linguist who has worked as a data specialist and mixed methods researcher in the private, nonprofit, and academic sectors, in the United States and the Netherlands.

From a linguist perspective, Kyle talks us through how inclusion is a challenge to be solved in recruitment when your goal is to achieve a diverse can...

9 Benefits Of Talent Analytics And How To Use It - Episode 35 - Season 2

Feb 5 • 14:09
Talent analytics is a software that gathers insights into a company’s current workforce and potential employees. This allows companies to understand what motivates their workers and potential hires. That’s in addition to getting a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. All of this info is essential for adopting strategies that improve performance and produ...

8 Common Hiring Mistakes To Avoid In Your Recruitment Process - Episode 34

Feb 4 • 13:19
Mistakes like hiring the wrong person - which according to the U.S. Department of Labor can cost you 30 percent of an employee’s annual package. Or hiring reactively without any strategic recruitment plan. Or posting job openings without a clear job description, or worse, not updating the old job description. Or simply posting jobs in the same spot and expecting a differen...

5 Things To Know When Recruiting International Talent - Episode 33 - Season 2

Feb 3 • 14:19
If you’re looking to recruit international talent for your organization, yet you’re struggling to get anyone on board, maybe it’s time you rethink how you hire internationally?

Hiring international talent is challenging and there are many things you need to consider. Tune in to today's episode and learn how to recruit foreign employees effectively!

Read the full article her...

6 Best Proactive Recruitment Strategies To Get The Right Talent On Board - Episode 32 -Season 2

Jan 31 • 14:54
Being proactive in your recruitment efforts pays off.
To make proactive recruitment work, however, you will need to adjust your overall strategy. Most importantly, you have to adjust your mindset.

Tune in to Recruitment On The Go to hear our 6 Best Proactive Recruitment Strategies To Get The Right Talent On Board.

Read more here:…ruitment-strategies/

7 Best Practices For Corporate Recruiting - Episode 31 - Season 2

Jan 30 • 12:45
When recruiting for a corporate company, having the right systems and processes in place can make all the difference. Tune in to hear our 7 Best Practices For Corporate Recruiting.

Here's what's in:

1. Build a strong recruiting team
2. Create a collaborative hiring process
3. Invest in candidate matching
4. Adopt marketing techniques for recruitment
5. Embrace digital transform...

11 Top Recruiting Trends To Watch Out For 2020 - Episode 30 - Season 2

Jan 29 • 17:20
Talent acquisition is moving away from paper resumes and phone screenings towards an emphasis on skills assessments and video interviews. From reactive hiring to proactive recruitment and from making random choices to focused selection.

Check out today's episode to learn about the 11 hottest recruiting trends that we'll be seeing more of in 2020.

Read the full article here:...

7 Best Practices For A Killer Pre - Boarding Process - Episode 29 - Season 2

Jan 28 • 13:06
For the majority of us, starting a new job is pretty stressful — a unique environment to get used to, wondering whether you’ve made the right decision, meeting new people, and so on, and so forth.

A great pre-boarding process helps improve employee engagement and productivity from the very beginning. In today's episode, we share 7 Best Practices For A Killer Pre - Boarding...

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