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This is the podcast where we use the 12 step program of recovery to solve the alcoholic addiction problem. This is the podcast where life is seen through a 12 step recovery lens. This is a podcast about men and women who have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind and body. We haveRead more

Popular episodes

Surrendering Expectations - Recovered 1211

Dec 1 • 01:08:22

Can you ask your Higher Power to take all actions necessary to bring you to the point of surrender? Can you allow yourself to come to a place of full dependency, like a newborn child? Can you look within until your reflection is Love and acceptance? Can you practice Love toward others with no manipulation? Can you play the part assigned to you in life without complaint? Ca...

Next Right Action - Recovered 1210

Nov 24 • 01:08:31

Water nourishes all without struggle or discrimination. Water flows without trying to the lowest places, places rejected by man. In spirituality, live satisfied, always open to the spiritual depth within. In relationships, be kind without an ulterior motive. In words, be truthful without deceit. In leadership, be fair without injustice. In work, do your best without an age...

Gigi Open Talk - Recovered 1208

Nov 21 • 59:42

Big Book Workshop Part 7 - Recovered 1207

Nov 19 • 01:12:59

Living to Give - Recovered 1206

Nov 10 • 56:32

The universe is everlasting. Why do heaven and earth endure? They do not live for themselves. That is the reason they are everlasting. Therefore, the sober one thinks of their needs last, yet finds their needs met with no self-effort on their part. Their effort is in helping others; in turn, they are perfectly fulfilled....

Big Book Workshop Part 6 - Recovered 1205

Nov 6 • 01:14:39

Character Defects - Recovered 1204

Nov 2 • 54:00

Character defects like resentment, fear, anger, and self-pity will weigh us down in recovery. We have to let go of these shortcomings to stay happy, healthy, and focused on our program....

Sobriety is For Anyone - Recovered 1202

Oct 27 • 55:43

Sobriety Is for Anyone Our Higher Power and creation treat all equally. Sobriety is available for anyone who will do the work. The principles of recovery seem empty of power. Yet, they never fail to provide when we learn to surrender....

Sobriety is Inexhaustible - Recovered 1200

Oct 19 • 01:05:17

The gift of sobriety does not appear to be a gift at all - until we surrender. Then, there is a strength beyond comprehension. There is no fear so intense that sobriety cannot bring relief, no relationship so twisted that peace is not imaginable, no noise of life so loud that harmony is not possible. The truth is paradoxical and hidden in plain sight. I do not know who cre...

Big Book Workshop Part 3 - Recovered 1199

Oct 15 • 01:13:59

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