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Rebel Entrepreneur with Alan Donegan


To be an entrepreneur you have to be a little bit of a Rebel. You have to do things differently, you have to take risks other people aren't willing to take and you need to be brave enough to take action. For years Alan Donegan has battled against the traditional plan that the world has forRead more

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What Have We Learnt? | Rebel Coaching

Nov 25 • 01:07:20

Is Self-development a Scam?

Nov 22 • 44:10

JT Foxx is the self-proclaimed World's Number 1 Wealth Coach (not the normal guest on the Rebel Entrepreneur) and is on the show to talk about whether self-development is a scam or not. The global self-development market is worth $40 billion and Alan wonders how much of that money actually adds value to the people that spend it. Join Alan for a very surprising conversation...

SEO - YouTube | Rebel Coaching

Nov 18 • 54:08

How to optimize SEO on a YouTube Channel. In this episode we have Doug Cunnington from Niche Site Project on the show talking all things Search Engine Optimization. Whether you have a blog, podcast, website, or YouTube channel Doug breaks down the key steps to get going with optimizing your site and content to show up in a search engine. Get out a pen and paper and join us...

Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

Nov 15 • 53:34

Bad things happen. You're going to get fired, you're going to lose clients, or things are just going to go wrong. Successful people don't have less problems they find a way to respond to them differently. How might your biggest challenge be your biggest opportunity? In this episode Alan talks to Josh Bond who turned getting fired into building an incredible business and ev...

It's Not Linear | Rebel Coaching

Nov 11 • 50:06

You've launched your business. You have put the product or service out for sale, you've launched the YouTube channel, and nothing has happened! After weeks and then months of work you are awaiting the results, but nothing has happened. Progress in a business is not linear. If you aren't ecstatic with your business results yet then this is the episode you need to hear. Join...

Rebel Colombia: Global Entrepreneurship

Nov 8 • 47:51

Financial Independence and Entrepreneurship with Mr. Money Mustache

Nov 4 • 54:17

Bedroom Businesses

Nov 1 • 45:45

The Guide to Affiliate Links | Rebel Coaching

Oct 28 • 56:57

The ultimate guide to getting started is with affiliate links. The idea is that you promote other people's products (such as the ones on Amazon Associates Program) on your blog, Instagram, or YouTube Channel, and get paid a commission every time something sells! Is it really as easy as adding a link to your post? Or is there more science to it? After 6 months of trying and...

How to Make Your Business Famous

Oct 25 • 52:33

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