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To be an entrepreneur you have to be a little bit of a Rebel. You have to do things differently, you have to take risks other people aren't willing to take and you need to be brave enough to take action. For years Alan Donegan has battled against the traditional plan that the world has forRead more
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Best Episodes

Part 1 of the Pop Up Principles

Feb 1, 2021

"Incredible pod on building small businesses "




Why do some businesses succeed and some fail spectacularly? What make the difference?  Simon, Alan and Katie Coombes share the PopUp Principles.  Developed over 12 years of starting our own businesses and helping 10,000+ people start other businesses  these are the guiding principles that weRead more

Coaching Christina: Finding new customers

Feb 4, 2021

"*Real* advice/steps for marketing small business "




The number 1&2 things entrepreneurs need help with when growing their side hustle or launching their own business are Sales and Marketing.  Without customers you don't have a business.  In the first episode Alan coaches Christina through target marketing, the dream 100 client campaign and findingRead more

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Coaching Christina | Should I quit my job?

Mar 4, 2021

"Why this guy is such a good teacher ! "



You have started a side hustle. It's going well, you are bringing in money and you are having fun. It isn't quite enough to live on but you are overwhelmed by doing a full time job, running a side hustle, and family! How do you know when it is the right time to quit the day job and go full time onRead more

Dealing with Overwhelm | Coaching Christina

Mar 11, 2021

" Someday maybe list I think the key is decisive action and get rid of it"



Do you ever get the feeling that there is more to do than can be done? Does it ever get on top of you? Do you feel overwhelmed? Of course you do; you're human! If you are building a business, have a job, and have friends then there is more to do than can ever be done. In this episode Christina andRead more
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