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To be an entrepreneur you have to be a little bit of a Rebel. You have to do things differently, you have to take risks other people aren't willing to take and you need to be brave enough to take action. For years Alan Donegan has battled against the traditional plan that the world has forRead more

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Rebel Coaching Series | Results, Results, Results

Jul 22 • 45:02

The Aftermath of Action

Jul 19 • 48:17

Elliott Lester directed Aftermath starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, he has collaborated with HBO, Brad Pitt, and Plan B, and is working on a movie with Peter Dinklage. But how did it all start? How do you get going? How do you end up making money doing something you love in one of the most incredible industries in the world. For years Alan has been intrigued by the differenc...

Rebel Coaching Series | Market, Market, Market

Jul 15 • 43:14

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10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Jul 12 • 49:06

You've built your website. WOOHOO! Celebrate. Then what? No-one is visiting it? I am afraid that "If you build it, they will come" is one of Hollywood's biggest lies. If you built it NO ONE will come until you promote it, share it, get it on google, and shout about it to the world. What are you doing to get people to visit your website, see your product or service, and tak...

Rebel Coaching Series | Stretching Past Your Goals

Jul 8 • 50:40

The Marketing Mini-experiment

Jul 5 • 47:29

Rebel Coaching Series | The Big Launch and the Results

Jul 1 • 59:57

Beginners Guide to SEO

Jun 28 • 51:19

92% of all internet searches happen on Google. Getting to the top of the google rankings for what your customers are searching for can be an incredible boost to your business. But is it even possible to do it? Should we be investing our valuable entrepreneurial energy and time into SEO and climbing the rankings, or should we just be paying for it as Ryan suggested in the l...

Rebel Coaching Series | Promote, Promote, Promote

Jun 24 • 48:07

Is SEO Dead?

Jun 21 • 40:36

Does search engine optimization still work? Is hoping to go viral a real strategy? Aren't paid adverts only for big businesses? You know how much Alan hates spending money on building businesses, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't learn about paid advertising, its strengths and weaknesses, and make a more informed decision. In this episode Ryan Stubblefield, a paid adverti...

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