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Real Narcos

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If the US Government asked you to move to Colombia to hunt down the world’s most brutal narco-terrorist, what would you say? Real Narcos meets the real DEA agents tasked with bringing down some of history’s most notorious criminal masterminds - from the King of Cocaine, Pablo Escobar, to the mostRead more

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El Chapo Part 7: The Curtain Falls?

Mar 28 • 34:23

A desperate flight through a sewage pipe is not enough to deliver El Chapo to freedom. Arrested and extradited to the United States, his story closes in a packed Brooklyn courtroom, in front of the world’s media. But even as Chapo departs the stage, Mexico remains under siege from the cartels. Joaquín Guzmán may be behind bars in America, but even his story is only part of...

El Chapo Part 6: Hollywood Comes Calling

Mar 22 • 36:21

It’s late 2014, and El Chapo is finally back behind bars. The prison he’s in has a reputation as a fortress - it’s even more secure than the last one. But if anyone’s going to have a crack at busting out, it’s Chapo Guzmán. Specially trained diggers hatch a plan for one of the most audacious prison breaks in history. Back at large, the sensible move is to lay low in the mo...

El Chapo Part 5: Cornered on the Coast

Mar 15 • 38:49

The DEA agents make a huge breakthrough in the investigation, when a routine wiretap in Arizona unexpectedly leads them to El Chapo’s personal cell phone. Monitoring his personal communications, they get to know their target intimately. The Mexican marines begin the process of rounding up Chapo’s henchmen. Each arrest gets them closer to the boss himself. Until, finally, a...

El Chapo Part 4: The Great Escape

Mar 8 • 39:10

It’s 2001, and Mexican drug baron Joaquín Guzmán Loera has spent nearly a decade behind bars. But now he becomes a fugitive once more, as he pulls off the most daring escape his super-max prison has ever seen. DEA agents wrangle a sit-down with a new, priceless informant. Meanwhile, Chapo finds love in the mountains. And his cartel branches out into a new market, with a pr...

El Chapo Part 3: Showdown at the Border

Mar 1 • 36:17

After escaping a hit at Guadalajara Airport, El Chapo disappears from view. When he resurfaces, he’s in Guatemala - Mexico’s next-door neighbour. Acting on a tip-off, the authorities close in on a hotel in the border town of Tapachula. Returned home in handcuffs, Chapo can look forward to a lengthy stay at a top-security penitentiary. But by throwing money around, he’s abl...

El Chapo Part 2: The Tunnel King

Feb 22 • 41:27

In the early 1980s, Chapo Guzmán is still in his mid-20s. But he’s already done more than enough to grab the attention of the Guadalajara Kingpin. Pretty soon, he’s promoted into the Cartel's inner circle. He’s put in charge of logistics - using tunnels, ships and even submarines to transport contraband between South, Central and North America. As Chapo assumes personal co...

El Chapo Part 1: Public Enemy Number One

Feb 15 • 38:54

El Chapo: the scourge of Mexico and America’s most-wanted. Joaquín Guzmán Loera, to use his real name, escaped from custody multiple times and dodged death many more. For years, he rode roughshod over Mexican justice and evaded the long arm of the US Government. He became an A-list celebrity criminal - a subject of fascination and even reverence - despite a never-ending li...

Félix Gallardo Part 3: The Fall of El Padrino

Feb 7 • 38:22

With one of the Cartel leaders behind bars, the DEA have taken a big step in rounding up the killers of Agent Camarena. The search for the remaining fugitives is ramped up. The noose tightens around Félix Gallardo, as DEA agents stake out and raid properties all across Latin America. But the end of Gallardo will not close the curtain on the North American narcotics trade. ...

Félix Gallardo Part 2: A Kidnapping Like No Other

Feb 1 • 31:59

In Guadalajara, DEA agents search frantically for their missing friend and colleague, Kiki Camarena. The US-Mexico border is almost shut down as 50% of all cars crossing at San Ysidro are searched for leads. The massive effort soon pays off. Meanwhile, on the runway at Guadalajara Airport, in the shadow of a luxury private jet, DEA agents are caught in a Mexican stand-off ...

Félix Gallardo Part 1: The Mexican Godfather

Jan 25 • 40:34

In 1981, DEA Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena lands in Mexico. His task is to bring down the man known as El Padrino (The Godfather). This drug lord's real name is Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo. Gallardo sits atop an industrial scale cocaine and marijuana trafficking operation, propped up by millions of dollars’ worth of bribes. He’s a man intertwined with the upper echelons of...

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