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Get actionable ideas, insight & inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom. Real Estate Uncensored delivers 3 live shows/wk showing you how to blend the latest high-tech and high-touch prospecting, sales and marketing strategies to grow your real estate business. FeaturingRead more

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Sound Too Scripted on the Phone? Here’s How to Sound Authentic & Create Connection with Prospects

Nov 26 • 26:48

When you’re a new agent learning the ropes, scripts are necessary for building your confidence and communicating effectively, but there’s a huge caveat. If we rely on them too heavily, scripts can actually put prospects off, and get in the way of a genuine, engaging conversation. ...

Can We Maintain Our HUMAN Touch As We Hurtle Towards a Virtual Future? w/Stefan Adika

Nov 23 • 01:04:38

All signs point to a virtual future, and the only way real estate pros will survive is by adapting to the new reality. ...

Matt Faircloth On How to Use Real Estate Investing to Totally Transform Your Life

Nov 18 • 01:02:45

Real estate investing has the power to completely change our lives and turn our wildest dreams into reality. The only question is, is there a ‘right’ way to do it?...

Free And Low Cost Marketing Tips For The Agent On A Shoestring Budget

Nov 16 • 53:43

We’ve all heard the saying, “spend money to make money,” but what happens if we don’t have any? The harsh reality is, some agents just don’t. ...

Stop Getting Overwhelmed By Tech And Start Implementing It Like Your Business Depends On It (Because It Does!) w/James Rembert

Nov 11 • 55:30

From social media marketing to offerings like Zillow, technology is changing real estate as we once knew it, and agents who fail to get on board risk going out of business. ...

Zillow Has Stopped Buying Homes and Their Stock Price Has Taken a Hit. What Does it Mean For Agents?

Nov 9 • 53:23

Just when Realtors were getting used to Zillow buying homes directly from the consumer, the platform has pulled the plug on their much touted offer program. What does it mean? ...

Randy Wouters On The Key To Fostering Sustainable Growth, Because You Shouldn't Have Any Limits On Your Dream (Or Your Team!)

Nov 4 • 50:54

Whether we’re seasoned agents or total newbies to the business, we’re all capable of building the kinds of teams that bring in results for years to come. We just have to re-think the steps it takes to get there. ...

Stop Fearing Implementation! It's Time To Move Beyond Our Fears And Make Our Dreams A Reality w/Renee Williams

Nov 2 • 42:58

Most agents know what it’ll take to move the needle forward in their businesses, but the harsh reality is, most won’t follow through because they’re afraid of implementation....

Fear Is Normal, But It Doesn't Need to Define Us! Cari Heibel-Briner On Pushing Past Our Anxieties To Make Our Dreams a Reality

Oct 28 • 51:15

We all go through ups and downs in life, and when the downs come along, it can be devastating. However, they’ll only prevent us from moving forward if we let them. ...

No Database? Here's Where To Start So You Can Hit The Ground Running w/Brad McDaniel

Oct 26 • 01:03:44

Having a great database is essential to success in real estate, but putting one together takes time. For the seasoned pros who have spent years building rapport in their markets, this isn’t too much of a problem, but what about newbie agents? ...

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