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Ready to build your real estate empire… but not sure where to begin?Think of us as your personal trainer.From detailed breakdowns of real-world deals… to one-on-one coaching sessions and a warm, welcoming community… hosts Ashley Kehr and Tony J Robinson bring on a wide range of guests to tackle theRead more

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Buying a 51-Unit Property with 0% Interest and No Money Down

Jul 28 • 50:27

Rookie Reply: How Much do Property Managers Charge?

Jul 17 • 16:25

This week’s question comes from Lisa on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group. Lisa is asking all about property management this week: I’ve never had a property manager, what are the responsibilities of one? I was recommended a manager and was told he charges 10%. What is the average pay for a manager? What questions should I ask when I speak with him? ...

Buying Your Next Home with This Often Overlooked 0% Down Loan

Jul 14 • 51:28

When most people think of USDA loans, they tend to think of farmland or some very, very rural house in the middle of nowhere. While this can be the case for many USDA loans, it isn’t the standard for all of them. As today’s guest Holly Barrett describes, USDA-applicable properties can be outside city centers and just a bit rural....

Stop Making Offers! Here’s What to Do Instead with Erik Wright

Jul 7 • 52:23

In this hot housing market, it seems like almost everyone is telling you to make offers on anything that could be a potential deal. But Erik Wright, founder of New Horizon Home Buyers, poses a different strategy. Erik has been getting more and more off market deals in Chattanooga, Tennessee without offering a single dollar to potential sellers. He has a specific way of neg...

Rookie Reply: How to Fund Rehabs and Renovations

Jul 3 • 05:55

This week’s question comes from Shantay on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group. Shantay is asking: We are about to close on a duplex. It is going to need a $6k-$10k upgrade. What are some options for funding the rehab cost?...

8 Units, 10 Wholesale Deals, and $0 Spent on Marketing w/ @Liliinvests

Jun 30 • 50:44

Lili Thompson didn’t plan on getting into real estate investing, she was supposed to be a WNBA prospect. After tearing her ACL in college, she was brought onto the Harlem Globetrotters to showcase her skills across the country. One of her teammates started talking to her about real estate investing, specifically wholesaling. This happened at the perfect time since she was ...

Rookie Reply: How to Find the Owner of a Property (Without Being Creepy)

Jun 26 • 11:08

This week’s question comes from Joey on the Real Estate Rookie Facebook Group. Joey is asking: Was driving in a new part of town and came across a house that had a yard that hasn’t been maintained in months and the house looks unkept.  Any suggestions on how I should go about finding the owner and asking if they would be interested in selling? ...

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