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Your morning shot of what's new in the world of real estate investing. Daily real estate investment outlook from investor, syndicator, developer and author Victor J. Menasce, so that you can compress timeframes as a real estate investor or developer. Weekday shows are 5 minutes of high energy, highRead more

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A Excuse To Print Money

Dec 8 • 05:14

Central governments have become experts at coming up with good excuses for doing the wrong thing. On today’s show, we’re talking about the impact of a changing world order and how this will feed further inflation and the possibility of economic collapse. The global geopolitical landscape is changing as China’s ambition to become the dominant global empire will change globa...

Search Far And Wide

Dec 7 • 05:01

On today’s show we’re talking about how to secure product in a time of scarcity. Supply chain disruptions are happening all over North America right now....

A New Investment Vehicle?

Dec 6 • 05:43

As investors we’re on the lookout for assets that escalate in price over time. If that price escalation is predictable, then you have the makings of a sure fire investment....

Speaking with Allen Lomax

Dec 5 • 24:24

Cody Bjugan

Dec 4 • 15:21

No Work Before The Starting Gun

Dec 3 • 05:06

You might own a parcel of land free and clear. You have a construction project planned for your property and you know that you will have to eventually get a construction loan. Securing a construction loan can be a lengthy process and it’s tempting to get start the construction before you get the loan in order to save time....

Wasted Software

Dec 2 • 05:18

We often business owners buy a software package or subscribe to a software service and then fail to properly integrate it. The software is sold on the basis of offering a solution to a problem....

BOM - $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

Dec 1 • 06:43

Our Book of the Month is called "$100M offers: How to make offers so good people feel stupid saying no." By Alex Hormozi...

AMA - RV's in a Mobile Home Park

Nov 30 • 05:31

Today is another AMA episode (ask Me Anything). Today’s question comes from Carl in Austin....

The Hidden Tax of Inflation

Nov 29 • 05:23

On today’s show we’re talking about the hidden taxes that result from printing money....

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