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Join Spencer Carli and Jonathan Wheat as they discuss React Native topics you need to know about to become a better developer.

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E030 - Stale Props & Zombie Children (State Management in 2021)

Dec 31 • 59:31

This week, Jon ramps up his brewing plans with a logo contest, Spencer's girlfriend comes through and lands an XBox and hopefully is overcoming his motion sickness....

E029 - Pi-RATS of the Caribbean (Building Reusable Components)

Dec 17 • 39:58

In this episode, Jon deal with rats and realizes he can do impressions.  Spencer gets motion sick over video games but still wants (yet can't find) an xBox....

E-028: Blame it on the potatoes [React Native 0.64]

Dec 10 • 30:17

This week Jon is losing his mind and obsessing over his brewery and where it will be, Spencer can't cool and still can't find an Xbox, but does seem to come up with some cheeky titles for his new courses....

E-027: Javascript Runtime

Dec 3 • 40:31

This week Spencer really wants an XBox and keeps getting denied, if anyone has a hookup - let him know.  Jon gets sucked into the mechanical keyboard community....

E-026 Pour me another Draft(bit) please - Talking Draftbit with Peter Piekarczyk

Nov 19 • 44:31

We have a new friends of the show - Peter Piekarczyk joins us to talk about his company Draftbit and how it can help accelerate your mobile app development using their interface.  Build multiple screens, complex UIs with their drag-n-drop interface, tweak properties to get it just right and view the generated code, or export your app so you're not jailed into their system!...

E-025: Improving your UI / UX Skilz

Nov 9 • 51:13

** Releasing this early this week **...

E-024: Cool Packages, Posts and Projects

Nov 5 • 40:41

This week Jon sells his car and and Smoky The Bear (aka Spencer) talks about how ONLY YOU can prevent Chimney Fires....

E-023 Give it a Rest and use GraphQL

Oct 29 • 38:36

It's a big week for us, we discover that Spencer wants to hang up his laptop for a lathe and be a wood worker and why Jon is living MTV's Big Brother - sharing a living space with strangers....

E-022 Securing your app

Oct 22 • 26:00

Whelp, if you record often enough, you'll have a disaster.  Unfortunately Jon's mic was all static and very noisy for the first part of the show, so this episode doesn't have our typical catchup and mobile news sections. This is VERY unfortunate because Jon actually had a lot of extra time this past week to do some research and first hand dinking around with his app and ta...

E-021: The Best Way To Learn Anything

Oct 15 • 45:03

Jon's back!  In this episode we catch up a bit since it's been a couple weeks since we've spoken, we celebrate Spencer's launch of Spectrum 3, hit some Epic news and dive into the best ways we learn with tips along the way....

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