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A fresh podcast hosted by Sheena Mannina on nutrition, healing, spiritual development, energy work, and sometimes, aliens! Mannina, the founder of a celebrity-famous juice bar in New Orleans, LA, is joined by Dr. of Metaphysics, Amberleigh Carter for a very 'basic' approach to wellness and healing.

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#83 Higher and HIGHER... WOO!

Sep 21 • 39:30
Sheena + Amberleigh record in Sheena's new raw republic location in Austin, TX where they discuss their takeaways of 'The Eyes of Tammy Faye' movie, belief systems, masculine vs. feminine energy in the process of creation and business, polarization, vulnerability and control -- how to stay neutral and have compassion in the chaos, and much more!

Sheena: @sheenamannina + @ra...

#82 Alchemical Business Creation and How Feminine Flow Encourages All Evolution w/ Kathleen Currie

Jan 10 • 56:16
Kathleen Currie is the creator of New Orleans-based Botanical perfume and lifestyle brand: Smoke Perfume & Co. Having drawn from inspiration as a Craniosacral therapist and Breathwork instructor, Kathleen connects to the subtle frequencies in scent and those that inspire us all to create.

Listen in on two business owner friends who are interested in making life as juicy a...

#81 NY State of Mind--Sometimes Ain't So Healthy w/ Emily Foster

Sep 21 • 01:36:02
Sheena catches up with one of her best friends, Emily Foster--a chef for Raw Republic and Glow Flow Company-- to discuss the climb they've both traversed to health and wellbeing.

In this episode, we discuss:
-living and working in NY city
-getting fired from a dream job
-fearing family, friend, community disappointment
-the strive for perfectionism
-the importance of community t...

#80 Water, Water Everywhere. So What Should I Drink w/ Martin Riese

Sep 6 • 01:10:30
Martin Riese is one of the most passionate people I’ve ever met, and his passion is WATER. From a young age, he began to decipher different flavors of water from different sources, and now he's the world’s most well-known water sommelier and educator.

In this episode, we discuss:
-tap water vs natural bottled water
-water in a culinary setting
-the topic of health and water

#79 The DR is in. All About Metaphysics w/ Amberleigh

Sep 1 • 01:47:55
The reunion episode between Amberleigh and Sheena is here!!

Get ready for things to get weird....

For more information on Amberleigh, visit



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#78 Two Entrepreneurs Walked Into a Juice Bar W/ Mark Malinsky

Aug 14 • 01:15:25
Sheena has a conversation with Mark Malinsky, the creator of Sprout Living — Sheena and Raw Republic’s favorite protein brand. Mark gives insight to what it looks like to have begun a high quality line of products and the personal challenges and questions that have arisen over the business lifetime. The discussion also covers:

+ How other companies hide questionable ingredi...

#77 Life's a Hike w/ Carla Robertson

Jul 26 • 01:08:42
Listen in to Sheena’s conversation with generalist life coach, Carla Robertson. In this episode they discuss creating space for growth, life shifts, finding answers in nature, and Carla’s experiences hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Carla Robertson is a former teacher turned life coach. She considers herself a “thought partner” who provides personalized plans and clarity to c...

#76 The Psychology of Psychedelic Healing with Dr. Shari Taylor

Jul 8 • 01:14:06
Dr. Shari Taylor is one of only a handful of doctors approved by the FDA to test MDMA in a therapeutic setting. This episode covers the clinical trial she is currently facilitating through the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) which is currently in Phase 3 for MDMA treatment of PTSD in war veterans.

Sheena and Dr. Shari also discuss their own per...

#75 The New Mindset for Authentic Manifestation with Lacy Phillips

Jun 10 • 01:25:39
In this episode, Sheena has an enlightening conversation with manifestation expert Lacy Phillips. They discuss using manifestation to transform your health, living authentically, and the
process to living an aligned life.

Lacy Philips is a Los Angeles based manifestation advisor. She is also the founder of where she offers guidance and insight to her un...

#74 The Return to Self w/ Dr. Tim Kershenstine

May 26 • 01:07:35
#74 The Comeback Episode w/ Dr. Tim Kershenstine, PhD

After taking a short break - Sheena is back and having intimate conversation with her life coach/ therapist Dr. Tim Kershenstine, PhD. In this episode they discuss: Sheena’s identity crisis, therapy vs. life coaching, having a purpose, and many more topics related to mindfulness and mental health.

Dr. Kershenstine receiv...

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