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Musician and self-described Beatles fanatic Jonathan Pretus ranked the entire recorded catalog of the Beatles, because he's a big, big nerd. Then he decided to make a podcast to talk with other people and learn about their connection with The Beatles' music. Tune in as Jonathan and his guests,Read more

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#153 - Yellow Submarine with Scott Durbin and Kyle Melancon of Imagination Movers

Nov 30 • 01:11:04

It's hard to imagine any other band in history who could pull off recording an album that contains both a genre-defying acid journey like "Tomorrow Never Knows," and full-on children's song like "Yellow Submarine," but that's exactly what the Beatles pulled off on their 1966 album Revolver. In needing a customary Ringo track, Paul, with help from John (as well as Donovan),...

BONUS EPISODE - Get Backchat! A roundtable discussion of the Get Back series

Nov 30 • 02:00:59

Y'ALL. HOW GOOD IS GET BACK? We're absolutely reeling over this masterpiece docuseries. There's so much to absorb, so much to learn, so much to love. It's going to take many, many, many more viewings to take it all in. ...

#154 - When I'm 64 with Debbie Davis (singer, Debbie Davis & The Mezmerizers, Oh Crap! It's Christmas)

Nov 23 • 01:10:01

Not many bands in history could, within the space of a few days, go from recording the genre-bending "Strawberry Fields Forever" to the genre-specific "When I'm 64." Then again, not many bands are...The Beatles. Written by Paul at the ripe old age of FOURTEEN, and frequently utilized as a way to kill time when stage power blew at the Casbah or Cavern Club, this jazzy, musi...

#155 - I Want To Tell You CROSSOVER - El Vinilo Returns!

Nov 16 • 01:29:16

By 1966, The Beatles, particular George Harrison, are growing in all sorts of ways. George is living out the most incredible life experiences, immersing himself in eastern religion and culture, and truly blossoming as a songwriter. For the first time, he gets three songs on the band's new album Revolver, and on "I Want To Tell You", he's letting the listener know that ther...

#156 - Tell Me Why with Jude Southerland Kessler (author, The John Lennon Series)

Nov 9 • 01:33:31

By the time The Beatles were writing songs for their first film A Hard Day's Night, John was absolutely on fire. "Tell Me Why," a song he went on to consider as nothing more than a throwaway, was a song he seemed to be able to just toss off with no problem at this point in time, absolutely on top of his game. But what comes off as a perfect slice of early Beatle songcraft ...

#157 - For You Blue with Garry and Paul Abbott (hosts of Big Beatles Sort Out)

Oct 26 • 01:36:55

After George's infamous walk-out during the Get Back/Let It Be session, his return was one of several conditions. He insisted the band move from Twickenham to their own Apple Studio, the idea of the big live show/tv program had to go, and he pulled almost all of his songs from consideration. After spending the winter holidays in the US with Bob Dylan and the Band and other...

#158 - Only A Northern Song with Dr. Bob Hieronimus and Laura Cortner (authors, "It's All In The Mind: Inside The Beatles Yellow Submarine Vol 2")

Oct 19 • 01:28:58

*NOTE - Audio has been corrected! Apologies!*

There's no shortage of songs in the Beatles' catalog in which the listener can project their own lives and stories into the lyrics. A song complaining about being on the short end of bad publishing deal may not be one of those songs, but that's just what "Only A Northern Song" is. George's first attempt at a track for Sgt. Peppe...

#159 - Good Night with Jason Kruppa (author and host of "Producing the Beatles" podcast)

Oct 12 • 01:52:59

After an unintended, Hurricane-induced hiatus, we're back in action! And what better way to get the party started back up than by talking about..."Good Night"? The Ringo-sung, John-penned closer to the White Album has always been somewhat of a polarizing song in the Beatles' cannon. Some love it, some loathe it. Yet, like so many moments in the band's catalog, there's so m...

#160 - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You with Chloe & Daisy of All About The Girl podcast

Aug 17 • 01:27:06

The Beatles needed a song for George Harrison to sing in their first film, A Hard Day’s Night. After producing his first self-composed song on the band’s previous album, the still-emerging writer didn’t have one of his own yet to offer up, so John and Paul wrote the uptempo “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You.” A many-chorded, clanging rocker with an incredibly propulsive rh...

#161 - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party with Dr. Christine Feldman-Barrett (author, scholar, historian, musician)

Aug 10 • 01:22:56

After 3 albums where he comes off as the alpha male/leader of the gang, John Lennon seems to be dealing with a crisis of confidence on the band’s fourth album, Beatles For Sale. For the first time, his self-penned songs seem to fully embrace his emotions in a way they hadn’t previously. The self-consciousness on display in “I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party” shows a guy who,...

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