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Toilet Radio 340 – American Headass

Nov 24 • 01:13:41

In this highly anticipated debate, Joe and Breno sit down for a frank and unfiltered discussion about huge dumbasses. First up, it’s a retrospective of Brent from Mastodon’s dumbest moments. There’s a lot to go through. It’s like half the episode. Then, we discuss Kid Rock’s latest single, “Don’t Tell Me How to Live”. It’s, unironically, the best thing he’s done since Devi...

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.51] HIGH ON POT-TY HUMOR Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.51] HIGH ON POTTY HUMOR

Nov 18 • 56:42

The Earls of of Ohrwurm pull up a mic stand for your favorite Outspoken Owl to perch on....

Toilet Radio 339 – The Next Epissode

Nov 17 • 01:10:32

This week we learned there’s a Rage Against the Machine cover band that plays horns and pisses on dudes. Man. Only like one part of that sentence is in any way appealing.  ALSO: New music from Tim Lambesis – it sounds just like all the other shit! New music from Code Orange – it’s Spawn soundtrack-tastic! Clown from Slipknot is getting too old for this shit – and by “this ...

Toilet Radio 338 – Let’s Listen to Psycho Synner for 90 Minutes

Nov 10 • 01:24:54

Joe, Jordan, and Breno are back and ready to party. Upon the joyous occasion of nine new Psycho Synner records, we decided to kick back and listen to our favorite tunes. It’s an incredible coincidence that all our favorite tunes are brand new Psycho Synner tunes. Join us for a celebration of Jeremy Spencer’s greatest artistic achievement to date. We combed through Jordan’s...

Toilet Radio 337 – Playing Favorites

Nov 3 • 01:13:47

This October Spooktacular is OVER. So Breno and Jordo are taking the pod by the horns to discuss some of the bullshit we missed over the last month while talkin’ horror movies. That means: BAD WOLVES NEWS lol, Niege of Alcest telling folks how he feels about creepy french freaks, Limp Bizkit is BACK, baby *breaks your fuckin’ face tonight*, Mastodon is BACK, baby *disappoi...

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.50] THIRD FLUSH IS THE CHARM

Oct 29 • 57:06

Your two favorite eurotrash contributors decided to rob the podcast graveyard for Halloween....

Toilet Radio 335 – We Summon The Darkness (feat. Ben from Khemmis)

Oct 28 • 01:52:08

Hot damn. It’s the final regular feed episode of our October Spooktacular. We’re joined by Ben from Khemmis to talk about 2019 heavy metal horror, We Summon The Darkness. Jordan and Ben talk taking HGH and rapping like The Rock and Ben gets real about his long battle with mental illness with Deceiver, what he calls their “darkest, most introspective album.” Frankly, you wo...

Toilet Radio 334 – Ravenous (feat. Rolderathis)

Oct 20 • 01:30:18

This week we’re watching an edgyboi cannibal classic set in the Sierra Nevada mountains amid the Westward expansion of the United States, Ravenous! Three different directors, myriad production catastrophes, and a team of producers hell-bent on late-90s-ing the shit out of this movie could not hold it back. Join us as we watch Guy Pearce struggle with the morality of violen...

Toilet Radio 333 – Jakob’s Wife (Feat. VHS)

Oct 13 • 01:28:00

The October Spooktacular continues! This week we’re joined by Mike Hochins of Canadian death metal horror punks, VHS. We’re sitting down to talk 2021 Shudder release Jakob’s Wife, which is in some ways the How Stella Got Her Groove Back of vampire flicks. Starring Barbara Crampton in the delightful titular role and featuring Larry Fassbender Fessenden as the aforementioned...

Toilet Radio 332 – Edge of the Axe (feat. Axeslasher)

Oct 6 • 01:27:25

OH SHIT it’s the first week of the October Spooktacular! This week we’re joined by an old friend. Professor Pizza of Axeslasher drops by to discuss EDGE OF THE AXE, an 80s slasher about a boy, a manic pixie dream girl, and the wonders of AOL Instant Messenger. This American/Spanish collaboration is sure to surprise, delight, and confuse all slasher fans with jokes about ol...

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