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Weekly sound postcards from beautiful places. Listen with headphones for a 3D immersive experience. Find us on Twitter @RadioLento. Support us on Ko-fi.

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96 A blustery day begins on inland tidal water (headphones)

Dec 4 • 41:58

When we set up to record, there were no signs of the weather front. It was late evening. Low tide. We'd come across a Second World War armament, a pillbox. A lookout, that now, and for the last seventy years, has looked and been looking out on nothing more than the peaceful washes of tidal water. Overgrown, and with two benches on its shell-proof roof. We saw, forty yards ...

95 Suffolk Wood (part 10) - a voyage from dawn to day - spacious and subtle - best with headphones

Nov 27 • 01:02:23

Day has arrived, and there's no mystery about it. Gone the voids. Gone the echoes. Gone the skewed sense of time, magnified, with distance overlapping. 5am, and it's here and there and all about. The present. The world, re-appeared. ...

94 The trees that wait for the chalk stream to flow (natural source of white noise)

Nov 20 • 43:48

Out of the 240 chalk streams globally, 160 are (or were) in England. ...

93 Rain garden after dark (sleep safe)

Nov 13 • 33:59

Rain. Rain falling in the night. Falling in the night when there's nobody about to hear it. Falling onto a little ramshackle garden made up of upturned pots, a patch of leaf scattered concrete, and a square of grass surrounded by sleeping shrubs and plants. ...

92 Up in the April hills of mid Wales

Nov 6 • 43:23

Up in the April hills of Wales, beside an empty road.
Behind the brambles, down a dell, a stream, over bare stone rolls.
What sing you mistle thrush?...

91 When woods go weird

Oct 30 • 31:30

This is from an overnight recording we made three years ago in a wood in Suffolk. Back at home and perched at the computer, headphones on, ears craning, all we could make out of it were faint susurrations of trees, and the occasional crick of a dark bush cricket hidden amongst the thick brambles that grew around the taught wire fence where we tied the microphones. Next to ...

90 Wind on water, night curlews, rain later (sleep safe)

Oct 23 • 39:25

Deep and spaciously detailed night quiet, at the edge of the tidal river Crouch in rural Essex. Wind on water. Rain on water. Night birds over water. Water upon water. A real piece of time, captured from one rainy inclement night in August by a pair of weatherproofed microphones tied to a seawall railing in Burnham-on-Crouch....

89 The birds of the leafy ravine - a tonic for tired minds (best with headphones)

Oct 16 • 37:16

We're going back to early June this year, to the rich and intermingled singing of birds that happens every day at dawn through spring and into the early summer. In Britain it's called the dawn chorus, a celebration of the song birds that do it during the breeding season. ...

88 An afternoon at Wrabness (part 2)

Oct 9 • 45:06

Above the mud silt beach, it's all bright clouds, moving. Then the sun breaks through. The river is stretching wide here, left to right, silently carrying the land's outflow through marshes, and out to sea. Warm wind blows in between long spells of calm. Close by, on the tree holding the microphones, and almost within touching distance, small waxy leaves rustle in the summ...

87 Sky landing - when the wind bends the trees

Oct 2 • 32:00

They look as if they are swimming in it. The banks of trees. Tense into the current, swaying, twisting in sympathy with the changing wind. Like they're wading out into on-coming waves, wading out to be washed in this force of sky, landing. ...

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