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German for beginners: Paula and Philipp are Radio D reporters who have several mysterious cases to investigate. Join them as their research takes them across Germany -- and learn German along the way! [English Version]

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Episode 26 – Saying Goodbye to Ayhan

Sep 27 • 14:40
It's a sad day in the Radio D office. Ayhan is saying goodbye and moving back to Turkey. Although his co-workers have prepared a surprise for him, the farewell party can't lift the blue mood.
Paula comes to work in the morning to find everyone is preparing for a party. But she doesn't like the occasion at all: Ayhan is leaving Radio D and going back to Turkey to help his f...

Episode 25 – Greeting the Ships

Sep 27 • 14:59
The journalists try to understand the term "getürkt" and visit an unusual port where every ship is greeted in a particular way.At Port Willkomm-Höft, each ship is greeted with the national anthem of the country whose flag it's flying under. In their radio play, Paula and Philipp examine the origins of this tradition -- which may be associated with the meaning of the word "...

Episode 24 – The Editor's Desk

Sep 27 • 15:00
Eulalia the owl helps get Paula and Philipp on the right track. They discover that their co-workers from the Hamburg newspaper are in on the game.
Paula, Philipp and Eulalia find out that the Hamburg newspaper thought up the shark in the port basin and staged the whole thing in order to sell more copies. Later, Philipp and Paula get in a fight over the use of a particular ...

Episode 23 – The Shark Fin

Sep 27 • 15:00
Paula and Philipp solve the mystery of the shark sighting and once again uncover a fraud. However, the reason for the staged incident is unclear at first.
While looking for the missing surfer, Paula and Philipp meet a diver and discover a clue. With a shark fin on his back, the diver had scared half of Hamburg. But why? Meanwhile, Eulalia has shown up in Hamburg ready to h...

Episode 22 – The Missing Surfer

Sep 27 • 15:00
Philipp and Paula search for traces of the shark and make a peculiar discovery. A surfboard without a surfer in the port basin and a confusing newspaper article peak their interest.
Away from the chaos of the crowd, the two journalists investigate the shark sighting. When they find a broken surfboard, they start to fear the worst. Then, in a Hamburg newspaper, they see a p...

Episode 21 – A Shark in Hamburg

Sep 27 • 15:00
When the temperature in the Radio D office becomes unbearable, Paula and Philipp are glad to get an assignment that takes them to the coast, where a shark has been spotted in the port basin.
Paula, Philipp and Ayhan don't have it easy. The heat in the office is insufferable and they don't even have a fan. Paula wishes she could go to the sea and, fortunately, Compu is able...

Episode 20 – Listener Survey

Sep 27 • 13:31
Paula and Philipp ask the listeners for their opinion. The topic of the program is, "Is lying a sin?" The listeners can express their thoughts on the fake crop circles and the farmers' behavior.
"Is lying a sin?" Paula and Philipp ask the listeners. The question is spurred by the events in the corn fields, which the two journalists reported on. Are the farmers' actions rep...

Episode 19 – Getting to the Bottom of It

Sep 27 • 14:38
Although the crop circles were made by the farmers, Eulalia still believes that UFOs exist. Philipp and Paula's investigation into the fraud takes them to the local pub, where they talk with the villagers.
Paula and Philipp have solved the mystery of the crop circles, but they're still not sure if UFOs exist or not. And what does U-F-O mean anyway? Eulalia insists that she...

Episode 18 – Nighttime Investigation

Sep 27 • 14:58
Paula and Philipp want to get to the bottom of the crop circles and go at night to investigate. But what they find doesn't appear to be the work of aliens.
The owner of the field with the mysterious circles is charging tourists 5 euros to take pictures of it. Meanwhile, Philipp and Paula camp out in the forest at night to wait for UFOs. Instead, two men turn up with a mach...

Episode 17 - Crop Circles

Sep 27 • 15:00
When mysterious circles are discovered in a corn field, Paula and Philipp go to investigate. Did a UFO land here, or is somebody trying to pull a prank?
As Ayhan arrives at the Radio D office, Paula and Philipp are rushing out. Enigmatic circles have been discovered in a corn field and no one can explain how they got there. The two journalists aren't the only ones interest...

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