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Radically Transparent, presented by Oktopost, is a podcast geared towards the modern-day B2B marketer. Host Jennifer Gutman and her guests are a mixture of renowned marketing and sales leaders from B2B marketing organizations around the globe. Each episode shines a light on the inner workings ofRead more

Popular episodes

Jason Miller on Slaying Mediocrity

Dec 2 • 37:04

Marketing Director at CreativeX, Jason Miller sits down with host Jennifer Gutman of Oktopost to explore the much-needed conversation on the dangers of B2B marketers celebrating mediocrity. More often than not, marketers get bogged down with the day-to-day tactical activity of their role, leaving little time for creativity and certainly not enough time for what Jason calls...

TechTarget's VP Sales on Why Intent Data has Become a Dirty Word

Nov 25 • 30:37

Rich Stone, Vice President of Sales West of TechTarget reveals why intent data has become a dirty word for sales and marketing teams despite all the good it brings to an organization. Host Jennifer Gutman of Oktopost welcomes Rich as they explore some good old-fashioned sales and marketing alignment through intent data. Rich hints that sales and marketing can generate pipe...

PandaDoc's VP Marketing on Why it's Okay to be Wrong

Nov 18 • 29:27

Shawn Herring, VP Marketing at PandaDoc and a brilliant Forbes Councils Member joins this episode of the Radically Transparent podcast, brought to you by Oktopost! Known for his appreciation of learning curves, Shawn opens the show revealing the power of a learning mindset and the importance of being a marketing leader in an organization where executive leadership understa...

Fuze CMO on Why Great Leadership Starts with Trust

Nov 10 • 36:04

Eric Hanson, Fuze's CMO, found himself getting brutally honest with host Jennifer Gutman on this episode of Radically Transparent, presented by Oktopost. As he drives home throughout the show, good leadership starts with trust and Eric reveals why a leader's ability to attract and retain talent becomes the lifeblood of the business. ...

Paul Gibson on Why the Future of ABM is ABX

Nov 4 • 22:41

Demandbases’ VP EMEA, Paul Gibson, opens up about why ABX, or account-based experience, is the future of ABM, or account-based marketing. He acknowledges that many marketing leaders have limited time, budget, and resources, and shares where marketers are falling short in their ABM strategies and where they need to focus their efforts to get back on track. In addition, Paul...

Jason Stone on Why Not All Leads Are Created Equal

Oct 28 • 30:23

Oktopost’s VP of Sales, North America, Jason Stone, sits down with host Jennifer Gutman of the Radically Transparent podcast to talk about marketing and sales alignment, why not all leads should be treated the same, and why marketers should be thinking about their products and services the same way salespeople do....

CMO of Powtoon on Measuring the Return on Emotion in Marketing

Oct 20 • 34:42

Tal Sarig, CMO of Powtoon, a video communication platform that is empowering millions to create compelling and engaging videos and presentations, is no stranger to the B2B marketing stage. Holding marketing leadership positions at Wix, SamsungNext, and Google, famous for kicking off YouTube marketing in Israel, launching ShoppingIL, the Israeli cyber Monday, and co-foundin...

Larissa Gaston on Keeping Up With the Speed of B2B Business

Oct 14 • 23:29

VP of Corporate Marketing at Exabeam, Larissa Gaston, sits down with Oktopost's VP Marketing, Natalie Binns, to discuss how the most creative ideas often come from high-pressure situations, and why your peers are the best place to go to keep up with the latest marketing trends....

AppGate’s CMO on Measuring Buyer Intent

Oct 7 • 27:37

AppGate’s CMO, Julie Preiss sits down with Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy and host Jennifer Gutman to tackle one of B2B marketing’s million-dollar questions: How can marketing leaders measure buyer intent?...

Katie Hurley on the Intersection Between AI, Neuroscience and Technology

Sep 30 • 24:42

Replicant’s Senior Director of Marketing, Katie Hurley, and Oktopost’s Director of Social Strategy, Jennifer Gutman discuss the intersection between AI and neuroscience, and technology. Together, they explore the future of these fields as they continue to quickly evolve and coincide with how marketers are building phenomenal customer experiences....

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