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On Radical Ones, Xander Schultz chats with activists, changemakers, thought leaders, and social entrepreneurs so they can shed light on the issues that define our time. If you're interested in politics, social justice, and how we can make this world a better place through educating ourselves onRead more

Popular episodes

50: Texas Abortion Rights with Jill E. Adams

Sep 21 • 14:46

This week we focus on the abortion rights in Texas with the passage of SB 8. We speak with Jill E. Adams, Executive Director of If/When/How, a law and policy organization focused on reproductive rights....

49: Rapid Response Afganistan with Josie Naughton of Choose Love

Sep 10 • 15:02

This week we are trying something new. A concept we are calling Rapid Response. Speaking with leaders on the front lines of topical global issues and highlighting their organization as a way to participate in the solution....

48. Special Episode: Climate Justice with Ibrahim AlHusseini, Marci Zaroff and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

Sep 1 • 20:27

One of the major issues we face is the climate crisis, and it's a problem that affects all of us as well as future generations. This week we take a look back at past guests who are paving unique approaches towards climate restoration. Xander chatted with Ibrahim AlHusseini, founder FullCycle, a funding organization accelerating climate restoring technologies, and Justin Ka...

47. Special Episode: Criminal Justice with Bianca Tylek, Jason Flom and Adnan Kahn

Aug 18 • 17:00

This week, we sample a few of our favorite episodes on the important topic of criminal justice. We start with Bianca Tylek who gives us a history lesson on how today's criminal justice system evolved from slavery and the Black Codes. Then, we hear from Jason Flom on wrongful convictions and the sheer scale of our carceral state. Finally, we close out with the story of Adna...

46: Personal Excellence with Jordan Burroughs

Aug 4 • 22:31

Join Xander as he gets into the mind of a gold medalist athlete to tap into that drive and stamina that it takes to achieve personal excellence no matter one's life's mission. Famed American freestyle wrestler, Jordan Burroughs, shares his opinions on what true grit is and how his journey from high school wrestler to Olympic medalist took not only physical strength but a m...

45. Helping People Breathe with Robbie Bent

Jul 28 • 22:59

In recent years, the importance of mental health awareness has been coming to light. With so much going on in the world along with what we're struggling with on a personal basis, it's no wonder that many of us deal with stress an anxiety. In this episode, Xander sits down to talk with Robbie Bent, the co-founder of Inward Breathwork. Inward has one of the largest libraries...

44. The Psychedelic Revolution with Henri Sant-Cassia

Jul 21 • 21:59

Around the world, millions of people are struggling with mental health and addiction issues, and we've barely moved the needle on treatment methods for these populations. There have been many people who have benefited from the medicinal uses of psychedelic treatments, but there is still a stigma and lack of legalization around these very useful substances. Today, Xander si...

43. The Decarbonization of Shipping with Pace Ralli

Jul 15 • 22:50

Before our clothing, food, and home goods eventually land on our doorstep via Amazon, 90% of the world's goods travel on ocean freight. The US relies on shipping vessels for 53% of importing and 38%, all adding up to a heavy toll on our environment. This week, Xander is joined by the CEO and Co-Founder of SWITCH Maritime LLC, Pace Ralli, who solves the problem through new ...

42: Confronting the Homelessness and Addiction Crisis with Dave Marlon

Jul 8 • 20:55

According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, 38% of unhoused individuals suffer from alcoholism, while 26% abuse various substances. While many other factors can include runaway teens and mental illness, this week's guest and CEO of Crossroads of Southern Nevada, Dave Marlon, explains why solving homelessness through advanced, long-term rehab is crucial to solving...

41: Leading the Fashion Industry Revolution with Marci Zaroff

Jun 30 • 20:36

Over the last few years environmentalists have shone a brighter light on the industries that contribute to climate change, from animal factory farming to transportation. This week Xander dives into the world of fashion with entrepreneur and author of ECOrenaissance Marci Zaroff. Zaroff not only breaks down the meaning of fast fashion but explains the cause of it, its adver...

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