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r/Tinder "Total Nympho Seeks Man Who Will Ignore My Red Flags 🚩🚩🚩"

Nov 26 • 16:05

r/Tinder Are you looking for love? Well so are these folks, including some of the biggest red flags to ever hit the dating world. This one girl says that she's a nympho, but she also straight-up admits that she's a "master manipulator." How dumb would you have to be to date someone who proudly says that about themselves? It's like a giant red flag factory 🚩...

r/AmITheA**hole for Telling My Husband to Start Wiping His Own Butt?

Nov 25 • 18:58

r/AmITheA**hole OP is stuck in a shitty situation, so to speak. For some reason, her husband hasn't figured out how to wipe himself, so all of his underwear is covered in disgusting stains. And despite this, her husband has the audacity to criticize OP about her feminine hygeine products. OP blasts her husband by saying, "I'll do a better job of disposing my pads when you ...

r/TIFU by Poisoning my Roommate with Horse Laxatives

Nov 24 • 16:47

r/TIFU In today's episode, OP does vet work. A friend approaches OP and asks if she can provide a remedy for a constipated horse. OP happily makes apple-crunch snacks laced with extra-strength horse laxatives. She sticks the snacks in the fridge... and later her roommate discovers the tasty treats. He eats about 3, and accidentally poisons himself with horse laxatives. Let...

r/AmITheA**hole for Not Giving my House to a Single Mom for Free?

Nov 23 • 16:11

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP inherits a house from a deceased family member. OP's cousin, who's a single mom, shows up and expects OP to literally just hand over her house, completely free. Even OP's relatives are asking OP to sign over the house because single moms have such a struggle. Do you think OP is the butthole for refusing to hand over a literal house fo...

r/Maliciouscompliance Yell at Me? Enjoy an Angry Swarm of Wasps!

Nov 22 • 14:20

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP is stuck in the middle of a vicious parking dispute between two tenants at an apartment complex where he works. One of the tenants makes the terrible mistake of screaming at OP, so he happily maliciously complies by moving their parking space next to a dumpster surrounded by an angry cloud of wasps. Enjoy getting stung every tim...

r/AmITheA**hole My Husband is Acting Really Weird...

Nov 21 • 17:25

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP's husband has started online therapy sessions. At least... he says that he's doing therapy. He spends hours and hours locked away in the bedroom every single day, and whenever OP comes into the bedroom he flips out and gets angry at her for disrespecting his privacy. Is it normal for someone to spend like 5 hours in therapy every day?...

r/Maliciouscompliance Want Me to Prove Your Kid's a Bully? OK!

Nov 20 • 15:21

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP is a teacher who has to deal with an absolute monster of a student who constantly harasses and bullies the other students. No matter what OP does or says, the bully's mother refuses to believe that her precious little angel is doing anything wrong. So when the mom says "prove that my son is breaking the rules," OP is more than h...


Nov 19 • 19:11

r/Antiwork We've all had day where getting out of bed and dragging yourself to work feels like pure torture. If you're feel frustrated about your job, these posts will give you a bit of hope. We've got stories of workers standing up against their corporate overlords and oppressive work policies. Have you ever wanted to tell your boss to shove it? These people did exactly t...

r/Maliciouscompliance Wash Half the Dishes? LOL OK!

Nov 18 • 14:53

r/Maliciouscompliance I feel like teenagers are the best at malicious compliance, aren't they? In today's story, OP had to split household chores with her lazy older sister. The older sister kept slacking off, forcing OP to do extra chores. So, when it was OP's turn to do half the dishes, she did exactly that and washed 50% of each individual dish, so there was no way for ...

r/Choosingbeggars Seeking Babysitter + Love-slave. Pay: $5/hour

Nov 17 • 15:44

r/Choosingbeggars In today's episode, OP is a young babysitter looking for work. She interviews with a Karen who seems to imply that she wants OP to join her in the bedroom. Karen intentionally lied to OP about how much money she was going to make. It turns out that the babysitting job includes cleaning, childcare, and "satisfying" Karen in the bedroom for a measly $5 per ...

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