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Quoth the Raven

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Financial pundit Quoth the Raven (Christopher Irons) of QTR Research talks finance and social commentary without the bullshit or long bias spin of the cable news networks. Operated by Quoth the Raven Research, LLC.

Popular episodes

Quoth the Raven #272 - Jack Boroudjian

Dec 1 • 01:06:01

Jack Bouroudjian is an open outcry trading legend, the Chief Economist, co-founder and director of the UCX Tech. He’s also Chairman and co-founder of the Global Smart Commodity Exchange. Previously, Jack was CEO of Index Futures Group, SVP for Nikko Securities, Japan’s second largest brokerage house; SVP for Credit Agricole Futures and Commerzbank Futures, divisions of the...

Quoth the Raven #271 - Our Bullshit Economy: Part 26 of 515

Nov 12 • 01:02:01

On this podcast, I rant about how inflation is, as Peter Schiff would say, the "most regressive type of tax". I also talk about why Virginia went Democrat, in my opinion and why a market crash could really be right around the corner at this point....

Quoth the Raven #270 - Peter Schiff

Nov 4 • 57:13

Peter joins me to talk crypto, the VA governor race results, China and the Fed's decision to taper. ...

Quoth the Raven #269 - Shiba Inu And Other Fungus Growing On Our Economy

Oct 28 • 54:02

On this podcast I take a cold, hard, sober (not actually sober) look at Shiba Inu and the rest of the crypto bilge that has been intertwining itself into our financial system, not unlike how mold grows behind your shower tiles without you noticing. I also briefly talk Cathie Wood, Tesla, uranium and George Gammon's ban from YouTube. ...

Quoth the Raven #268 - Gamma Squeezes, Mainstream Media Morons & A Case For Uranium

Oct 21 • 59:35

YouTube does not let me monetize my videos on the site and the podcast is full time work which will never have ads in the middle of it. If you enjoy the content, please support the QTR Podcast in any or all of the following ways:...

Quoth the Raven #267 - Our Bullshit Economy: Part 25 of 515

Oct 8 • 55:09

On this podcast, I rant about the trillion dollar coin idea and other assorted dumbass Fed ideas. I also talk about new developments proving that Covid "crazies" like myself in 2020 may have not been so crazy at all....

Quoth the Raven #266 - George Gammon

Oct 1 • 01:27:35

George and I discuss recent Fed resignations, Covid lockdowns, Australia, gun rights and why history will help determine our future. ...

Quoth the Raven #265 - Sang Lucci

Sep 20 • 01:21:13

Lucci and I discuss NFTs, why he is unvaccinated still, starting a cannabis company in Puerto Rico, the market and life in general....

Quoth the Raven #264 - William Cohan

Sep 12 • 01:14:33

Bill and I discuss his latest article on Cathie Wood, the Fed's excess, the future of monetary policy and faults in the world of financial journalism. ...

Quoth the Raven #263 - Lawrence Lepard

Sep 3 • 01:14:15

Lawrence joins me to talk Covid, the Ivermectin controversy, China, bitcoin, gold and sound money....

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