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Book reviewer, Tara Scott, and award-winning author, Kris Bryant, discuss queer books, movies, TV shows, graphic novels and narrow down selections for listeners. Grab a glass of wine, dram of whisky, or cup of coffee and join them as they suggest to you, the listener, and to each other, somethingRead more

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Kris Broberts, Reporting for Duty (QR024)

Nov 23 • 48:10

A lot of good questions on the pod this week. Kris details her editing woes, her paradoxical love of editors, and the blessing/curse of being a working writer. Then Tara joins her as they both go deep into how they found lesfic before giving all you angst-lovers out there some gut-wrenching recommendations. Enjoy, we guess?...

We Watch Imagine Me & You! (QR Bonus 004)

Nov 16 • 01:31:58

This week we've got something special. Something very, very 2005. It's a commentary track for Imagine Me & You!...

No Real World Bullshittery (QR023)

Nov 9 • 58:41

Tara and Kris are back and raring to go. Kris recalls her exploits at Women's Week at Ptown before delving into writerly questions. Tara opens up about her youth, pretending to be an olden-times camp follower. Recommendations are made, laughs are had, and the important question of "Would you rather be a vampire or werewolf?" Is asked...and answered!...

We Watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show! (QR Bonus 003)

Oct 26 • 01:37:13

It's a spooky month, so Tara and Kris are celebrating with a new film commentary! What to do when your hosts don't like horror movies? Snark about The Rocky Horror Picture Show, of course. (Also, Kris was in P-Town when they needed to record the next episode, so it worked out.)...

Kris’s Socially Awkward Moment (QR 022)

Oct 12 • 52:52

There’s nothing clever to say about twenty-two. It’s even, divisible by eleven. It’s...just there really. By contrast, this episode has substance....

Romance Womance (QR021)

Sep 28 • 01:05:27

Happy 21st! The only thing this podcast can’t do is become president...yet....

Kris-sandra (QR020)

Sep 14 • 52:22

Kris is the Cassandra of recommendations. How did we not realize this before? She lays down winners, and Tara? She will not budge. Listen to Kris, Tara! Everybody! Unless you can’t. Because, you know, Cassandra. What were we talking about again?...

How Are We Friends? (QR019)

Aug 31 • 57:11

19. 19 is about getting cocky. It’s about feeling yourself. And what’s more 19 than starting a podcast episode with a round of Fuck, Marry, Kill using the cast of The L Word and expecting you’ll be friends by the end?...

The Windsor Ballet (QR018)

Aug 17 • 57:17

In her twenties, Tara learned in the eulogy of a famous Detroit news anchor that he had an enduring fondness for the "Windsor Ballet." And today is your lucky day, because you’re going to learn about this Canadian cultural institution. You’ve heard about the Calgary Stampede. Now it’s time to go to the ballet. Never let it be said we don’t go places on this podcast....

We Watch Ocean's 8! (QR Bonus 002)

Aug 10 • 01:44:49

Kris and Tara had a dispute about Gunpowder Milkshake. Words were said. And now they're watching 2018's Ocean's Eight and delivering a bonus episode commentary track. We start right at 0:00 and go to the end. It's a bit of an experiment. Some chemical courage. Let us know what you think and if you're interested in seeing more....

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