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Sophistication, Psychology, Dating, and Lifestyle. I candidly discuss it all holding nothing back! Join the A team and be ready to broaden your horizon with this podcast!

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Dec 29 • 31:09

How to Cure The Holiday Blues

Dec 22 • 35:51

Hey Angels, in today's episode I discuss the "holiday blues" and how to cure/cope with it! I hope this episode was insightful and encouraging!...

Enough of the Victim Mentality

Dec 15 • 35:59

Hi Angels!!! In todays podcast I discuss traits of a victim mentality. This is a very important topic because many people may not understand that they may not always be responsible for the pain, but it is everyones job, to fix/heal from our traumas and negative experiences!...

Let's Talk About Sex!!! Ft Angie and JT!

Dec 9 • 44:52

Hey Angels, in today's juicy episode, my cousin Angie and my friend and editor Jordan join me in a candid conversation about sex! ...

Attract Never Chase!

Dec 1 • 31:48

Hey Angels, in todays episode, I talk about why it's important to attract and not chase in relationships. There is a thin line between going after what you want and letting it come to you....

Honest Chat About Youtube.....

Nov 24 • 34:01

Hey Angel, In today's podcast I transparently discuss things on my mind as a content creator for youtube. I get real and honest about the highs and lows and hopefully this resonates with you and offers insight into being a content creator and what it entails....

Compatibility VS Suitability!

Nov 17 • 32:10

Hey Angels, in today's episode, I discuss compatibility vs suitability! this episode was inspired by something I reposted  on Instagram. I think its so thought provoking and valuable to share my thoughts! ...

Being the "It Girl"...

Nov 10 • 42:06

Hey Angels, in today's episode I discuss being the "It Girl" from a different perspective! I think it's important to explore all areas of being the "it girl" which essentially means being well balanced!...

Do You Self Sabotage?

Nov 3 • 39:21

Hey Angels! thank you for tuning into today’s episode where I discuss self sabotage and healthy ways to deal with it. Also I highlight why it’s important to identify so that we can start showing up as our higher selves!...

Are You A Toxic Person?

Oct 27 • 34:52

Hey Angels, in todays episode I talk about identifying toxicity in ourselves, because we cannot change what we don't acknowledge and cultivating self awareness is the vehicle to becoming a more compassionate person!...

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