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The QAnon Anonymous Podcast chops & screws the best conspiracy theories of the post-truth era. Your hosts Jake, Julian, and Travis dredge up wild beliefs from online fever swamps, engage QAnon followers in irregular warfare, and trip over deranged historical facts that make conspiracy theoriesRead more

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Premium Episode 149: Hell Houses (Sample)

Nov 27 • 07:00
Revivalist Christian haunted houses — their history, their spread and the horrible morality plays at their core. Plus a new story from Jake entitled 'Q House'.

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Episode 167: The I AM Cult feat Allie Mezei

Nov 22 • 01:26:58
Michael Flynn recently recited one of their prayers. But the I AM Cult goes all the way back to the 70s and beyond — thanks to theosophist Helena Blavatsky. It also has early links to fascism and was the central belief system behind the "ascended masters" trend. We cover the movement, from the myth of Saint Germain to Guy & Edna Ballard. Our guest is QAA attorney Allie Mez...

UNLOCKED: Premium Episode 137: Hidden Cold War History feat Vincent Bevins

Nov 22 • 01:20:14
The anti-communist crusade that defined the post-world-war-II period. We explore how the CIA and the US government worked to crush left-wing political progress in so-called Third World countries by forming an international coalition of anti-communists carrying out a program of mass-murder that spanned the globe. We speak to Vincent Bevins, journalist and author of 'The Jak...

Premium Episode 148: QAnon VS #FreeBritney (Sample)

Nov 18 • 07:53
A major QAnon influencer is trying to infiltrate the #FreeBritney movement, a group dedicated to the release of Britney Spears from years of unfair "conservatorship" at the hands of her handlers and members of her family. Q promoter Liz Crokin recently released a "documentary" about the pop star entitled 'Slave Princess', which heavily features (and praises) BJ Courville (...

Episode 166: The Gang's All Here

Nov 13 • 01:09:17
Annie, Liv, Jake, Travis and Julian gather to chat about Travis Scott's disastrous festival, the recurring satanic panic, "needle spiking" in the UK, conspiracy theory polling in Canada, the gematria-based JFK Jr cult's expanding cast of characters, and the Durham investigation results — which are less overwhelming than expected, causing some in QAnon circles to regain hop...

Premium Episode 147: Voyage to the Center of Gaia TV (Sample)

Nov 9 • 07:43
Beyond the History Channel: we explore the streaming platform Gaia TV, which is popular in new age, disclosure and conspiracy theory circles. After checking who founded it and how it became so insanely pilled, we choose a show or movie each and report our experiences.

Travis picked 'Buzzsaw with Sean Stone' (Oliver Stone's son), Julian chose 'Super Human: The Invisible Made...

Episode 165: Havana Syndrome Spreads & JFK Returns feat Natalie Shure

Nov 6 • 01:37:44
Directed energy attacks? Sonic beams? Psychogenic illness? We explore the set of symptoms that have become a national security & media obsession generating a tenuous theory about a weapon wielded by a foreign power — Russian, Cuban, or possibly Chinese. We take a look at the media's role and the scientific community's reaction with guest Natalie Shure, a columnist for the ...

Premium Episode 146: Poltergeist II feat Bakoon (Movie Night) Sample

Nov 2 • 18:00

Episode 164: Double QAnon Conference Weekend (2X JFK Jr)

Oct 30 • 01:14:17
Jim Caviezel on stage acting out Ronald Reagan and Mel Gibson in Braveheart. Two different JFK Jr impersonators. Ron Watkins trolling the media by running for congress and scoring interviews with major outlets. His father Jim dressed as a candycane. Adrenochrome, the great awakening, the seventeenth letter in the alphabet and Michael Flynn. We cover two multi-day conferenc...

Premium Episode 145: Listener Stories Volume 6 (Sample)

Oct 24 • 27:24

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