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The brutal truth about digital performance engineering and operations.Andreas (aka Andi) Grabner and Brian Wilson are veterans of the digital performance world. Combined they have seen too many applications not scaling and performing up to expectations. With more rapid deployment models madeRead more

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Putting the Business into SLO Automation with John Kelly

Nov 22 • 52:15
What are good business level objectives (BLOs) besides conversion rates? Who is responsible for defining them? Who needs to report and who is held accountable?

We invited John Kelly, Sales Engineer at Dynatrace, to answer those and even more questions. John – aka Tech Shady - has been helping our customers over the past years to implement business level reporting for their ...

Java Observability and Performance in Azure Spring Cloud with Asir Vedamuthu Selvasingh

Nov 8 • 41:00
Java developers love using Spring. But running high performing and scaling Java apps in production takes a little bit more than just compiling your code.

In this episode we have Asir Vedamuthu Selvasingh who has been working with Java for 26 years. In the past 25 years Asir (@asirselvasingh) helped Microsoft provide services to their developer community that make it easier ...

Security for Performance Engineers with Mark Tomlinson

Oct 25 • 49:25
If there is one thing you take away from this episode then the answer to “Why we should refrain from Reply All on company wide emails”. Jokes aside – as security and performance are not always funny!

In this special anniversary episode we have Mark Tomlinson, System Performance Specialist, talking about the considerations and trade-offs between performance and security. We...

OpenTelemetry for Databases: Empowering DevOps through sqlcommenter with Nimesh Bhagat

Oct 11 • 38:15
Optimizing or debugging database calls has to become as easy as optimizing your application code based on logs, metrics or traces your observability platform provides to developers. It has to be doable by the development and DevOps teams who are becoming more end-2-end responsible which includes new database services that are running in some managed cloud service.

In this e...

Introducing Is it Observable: Observability education fast track with Henrik Rexed

Sep 27 • 43:50
If you need to learn how Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Loki, FluentD, FluentBit .. help you with your observability requirements in the cloud native and non-cloud native space but you don’t have hours or days to dig into the details yourself then you have a new place to go to get educated within 20-30 minutes: Is it Observable is a new educational YouTube channel by Henrik Re...

Busting 4 Java Tuning Myths with Stefano Doni

Sep 13 • 40:46
Tuning the JVM GC to reduce garbage collection time will speed up application performance. If you agree with that statement then I encourage you to listen to this episode where I have Stefano Doni, CTO at Akamas, walk us through 4 Java Tuning Facts & Myths. He is going into details why even in 2021 with great improvements in the JVM it is still important to optimize the JV...

Why DevOps must not mean Devs On Call with Michael Friedrich

Aug 30 • 54:14
Understanding the secret behind the turbo button on his first 486 PC motivated our guest to study computer science. That decision started a journey making him constantly learn new technology ranging from coding languages, operational tasks as well as a focusing on improving developer experiences and boosting developer productivity

Listen in and hear from Michael Friedrich (...

The hitchhiking guide to load testing projects with Leandro Melendez

Aug 16 • 50:02
“Because 9 out of 10 load testing projects fail due to ignorance and outdated thinking about load testing!”. That was the answer Leandro Melendez, aka Señor Performo, gave us when asking him why the world needs yet another book about load testing.

In too many projects Leandro has to remind and educate decision makers and practitioner’s about load testing best practices, how...

What is Data-Driven Product Management with Manav Chugh

Aug 2 • 53:13
Building products that people want to use and activating users to try out new capabilities has to be the ultimate goal of every product manager. User and usage data is the enabler to make the right decisions. But data doesn’t come for free – and making the right decisions is something that data alone doesn’t guarantee

Listen in and learn from Manav Chugh, product enthusiast...

State of Web Performance Optimization in 2021 with Sergey Chernyshev

Jul 19 • 58:52
Like many frontend developers, Sergey Chernyshev was inspired in the late 2000 by Steve Souders to contribute to and grow the web performance community. Not only did he launch the Meed4SPEEDs as part of the New York Web Performance Meetup. He also worked for helping them to improve web performance and user experience. Over the past years Sergey contributed to ma...

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