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404 - How Colombia Weathered One of the World’s Most Severe COVID-19 Outbreaks

Dec 3 • 14:16

Throughout the pandemic, Colombia has fared better than other South American countries in terms of hospital overload and deaths, due in no small part to its emphasis on testing, contact tracing, and isolating of positive and suspected cases. Hopkins health economist Dr. Antonio Trujillo talks with Dr. Josh Sharfstein about Colombia’s pandemic strategies, and his research c...

403 - World AIDS day: The Impacts of the COVID Pandemic on the HIV Pandemic

Dec 1 • 18:44

In the more than 40 years since HIV was first detected there have been incredible advances in testing, prevention, and treatment. But COVID-19 disrupted global gains and will continue to cause backslides until vaccinations are much more widespread. In recognition of World AIDS Day, infectious disease epidemiologist Dr. Chris Beyrer talks with Stephanie Desmon about where t...

Bonus - The Omicron Variant

Nov 30 • 15:28

Special Episode: Public Health In The Field—The Supreme Court and Abortion in Mississippi

Nov 29 • 18:46

A potentially landmark battle is in play over abortion rights, and it’s headed to the U.S. Supreme Court on December 1. In a special episode of the podcast, guest hosts Annalies Winny and Alissa Zhu explore the real life public health impacts of abortion policy on parents and families and how the upcoming Supreme Court case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization coul...

401 - School in the Time of COVID: A Tour Of Hampstead Hill Academy

Nov 24 • 21:30

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Principal Matt Hornbeck of the award-winning Baltimore City public school Hampstead Hill Academy has been on the podcast to talk about how the school community coped with closures, virtual and hybrid learning, scheduling changes, learning losses and more. Today for a very special episode, Principal Hornbeck invites Dr. Josh Sharfstein to v...

400 - Can Spillover—How Viruses Move From Animals to Humans—Be Prevented?

Nov 22 • 11:37

SARS-CoV-2, like other zoonotic diseases, originated in animals before “spilling over” into humans. Dr. Raina Plowright of Montana State University studies these events and the complex series of things that have to happen for them to take place. Dr. Plowright talks with Dr. Josh Sharfstein about how these occur, why these events are relatively rare, and what’s important to...

399 - Aaron Dante, Host of the Award-Winning No Pix After Dark Podcast, Talks COVID with Dr. Josh Sharfstein

Nov 19 • 37:02

Today’s episode is a collaboration with one of Baltimore’s top podcasts, No Pix After Dark, and host Aaron Dante. No Pix After Dark is a culture and community-based podcast sharing real people’s stories, and has been the Baltimore Sun’s Best Podcast for the last two years. For this episode, Aaron’s listeners submitted questions about COVID-19 and Dr. Josh Sharfstein talks ...

398 - Public Health In Crisis

Nov 17 • 15:44

Throughout the pandemic, public health officials have been threatened, assaulted, fired, or forced to resign. Lindsay Smith Rogers speaks with Dr. Beth Resnick, senior scientist at Johns Hopkins and the cofounder of the STOP! Partner Group, and Dr. Nilesh Kalyanaraman, Health Officer of Anne Arundel County in Maryland, about the treatment of some officials and their teams,...

397 - How Reducing Salt Could Reduce Chronic Dis

Nov 15 • 12:57

Most adults consume 50% more than the daily recommended amount of salt which, in excess, contributes to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, cognitive decline, sexual dysfunction, pregnancy complications and more. Dr. Susan Mayne, Director of the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition at the FDA, talks with Stephanie Desmon about a change in guidelines for sodium in...

Bonus - Denmark and COVID-19

Nov 12 • 16:22

Thanks to widespread testing, vaccinations, and adherence to masking and social distancing, Denmark was able to lift most COVID restrictions in late summer. Now, with a recent uptick in cases the country considers next steps. In a bonus episode, Dr. Gunhild Waldemar, a health care advocate for the elderly in Denmark, talks with Stephanie Desmon about the country’s successe...

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