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Prophecy Girls: A Buffy Rewatch Podcast


A Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch podcast. Join Steph and Kara as they recap and review every episode from the beginning. This podcast is spoiler-free and friendly to first-time watchers.

Popular episodes

S3E08: ”Lover‘s Walk”

Nov 25 • 01:42:54

It’s your boy, Spike, back in town to wreak havoc and … feel sorry for himself? That’s right, the bad boy has been reduced to emo boy after being dumped by Dru. Circumstances conspire to cause him to kidnap Xander and Willow in the hopes that Willow can cast a love spell that brings Dru back to him. The clock is ticking for Angel and Buffy to find her friends—but Cordelia ...

S3E07: ”Revelations”

Nov 18 • 01:30:17

Why is Buffy’s hair so big? It’s full of secrets! Buffy has secrets, Willow has secrets, Xander has secrets but doesn’t mind exposing others’ for fun and profit. When Buffy’s secrets come out, it rocks the Scoobies. If that isn’t enough to deal with, Faith’s new Watcher has arrived, eager to criticize everyone and get her hands on a magical glove. Friendships strain, Slaye...

S3E06: ”Band Candy”

Nov 11 • 01:26:30

The marching jazz band, Sunnydale High’s last hope for championship glory, needs new uniforms, and that means it’s time to sell chocolate bars! Buffy chafes under yet another duty added to her oversupervised, overscheduled life when she would rather be watching a shirtless Angel. But then the adults in Sunnydale start acting more like Buffy than, well, Buffy herself. As sh...

S3E05: ”Homecoming”

Nov 4 • 01:37:35

When Mr. Trick returns to Sunnydale to organize the first ever SlayerFest, Buffy faces her toughest fight yet: battling Cordelia for the title of homecoming queen. As if that weren’t enough, all of her friends seem to have deserted her for Cordelia’s camp. But not all is right among the Scoobies, for two of them have treachery in their hearts and cheating upon their lips. ...

S3E04: ”Beauty and the Beasts”

Oct 28 • 01:14:44

A mauled marching (jazz) band corpse means a beast is loose in Sunnydale. Initial signs point to Oz, but Buffy when learns there’s another beast out there—a wild, shirtless Angel—she fears the worst. While the gang tries to solve this mystery, Buffy must deal with Sunnydale High’s smoking psychologist and grapple with the fact that not all boyfriends are as innocuous as Sc...

S3E03: ”Faith, Hope & Trick”

Oct 21 • 01:36:59

School is back in session, but Buffy is still out of it. That doesn’t stop Willow, though, who wastes no time … pimping Buffy out to mild-mannered, eminently forgettable Scott Hope. Maybe Buffy can learn some tricks from the new Slayer in town, for Faith has rocked into Sunnydale to meet the famous “Buff” and get hungry and horny after some Slayage. Unfortunately, a busine...

S3E02: ”Dead Man‘s Party”

Oct 14 • 01:25:33

Buffy is back in Sunnydale, and everyone is … fine with that. Joyce decides to invite Buffy’s friends over for a party—with company plates, natch—only for the shindig to turn into a hootenanny. Overwhelmed, Buffy wants nothing more than to have quiet one-on-ones with her friends. Instead, she has to fight off a zombie apocalypse brought on by a mask her mother stole—er, bo...

S3E1: ”Anne”

Oct 7 • 01:18:21

The summer has passed and the Scoobies are doing their best to pick up the slack with Buffy gone. Meanwhile, Buffy is trying her best to blend into the background as mild-mannered “Anne.” When she runs into someone who needs her help, however, she seems to have no choice but to dive into a demon dimension yet again and answer the ultimate question: who is she?...

Bonus! Angel on Trial

Oct 4 • 01:02:28

Angel went from Buffy’s boyfriend to the Big Bad in season 2. His soulless persona, Angelus, stalked Buffy and her friends, killed Jenny Calendar, tortured Giles, smoke cigarettes, and tried to end the world....

Season 2 Wrap-Up

Sep 30 • 01:22:12

We review the second season of Buffy in its entirety....

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