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Proof to Product takes you behind the scenes of growing a product-based business. Join us each week as our alumni, speakers and friends share their successes, struggles and how they’ve made difficult but important transitions in their business to continue growing. You’ll gather inspiration, learnRead more

Popular episodes

228 | 4 Strategies to Combat Imposter Syndrome with Katie Hunt

Nov 30 • 10:31

Oxford Languages defines imposter syndrome as the persistent inability to believe that one's success is deserved....

227 | Paid Advertising for E-Commerce Brands with Alexander Rossman | Rossman Media

Nov 23 • 36:58

Feeling confident with your organic digital marketing and ready to scale even further? Why not dip your toe into the world of paid advertising? Paid digital marketing might sound intimidating, but with a solid strategy and clear goals, it can truly help you increase exposure and leads for your  e-commerce business....

226 | Using SEO for Product Forecasting & Development with Jessica Freeman | Jess Creatives

Nov 16 • 34:52

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is vital to ranking on Google and attracting website traffic. But if you’ve never worked on your site’s SEO, where do you start? How do you find the right keywords? And once you find those keywords, where do you put them?...

225 | 4 Steps to Optimize What's Already Working in Your Business with Katie Hunt

Nov 9 • 12:22

Oftentimes in business, we set our sights on the next big thing–the next product, the next launch, the next program–that we forget to rethink the systems that are already working in our business. But most of the time, those systems could run even better and make us even more profit with just a few small tweaks. Take a listen for my four-step brainstorming exercise to help ...

224 | Find Hidden Money in Your E-commerce Shop with Reese Spykerman | Design By Reese

Nov 2 • 34:37

Your business has a lot of moving parts. It’s easy to let opportunities to make a little extra money (or eliminate sneaky expenses) slip right past your radar. So how can you optimize your revenue and minimize those “leaky pipe” expenses? The answer is right on your website!...

223 | Budgeting & Forecasting for Product Development with Katie Hunt [LABS sneak peek]

Oct 26 • 16:50

You want to develop a new product, but how do you know how much to spend on supplies? It can be tricky forecasting for upcoming product drops, especially for products you’ve never sold before. But with the right data, you can make educated estimates about your upcoming products to order supplies and budget with confidence....

222 | Repurposing Your Instagram Video Content with Natasha Samuels, Shine with Natasha

Oct 19 • 27:04

Do you feel like social media is a chore? Many people I talk with find Instagram to be draining but know it’s an important part of their sales and marketing so they keep posting and creating content. But what if using Instagram could be a way for you to begin meaningful conversations with your audience?...

221 | What It Takes to Run A Brick & Mortar Business with Jen Palacio, Tiny Turns Paperie

Oct 12 • 36:19

If you’re like many of the people in our LABS and Paper Camp communities, you’ve probably pondered the idea of opening a brick & mortar shop for your business. In this episode, you’ll hear from Jen Palacio, owner of Tiny Turns Paperie, a brick & mortar shop in Somerville, MA....

220 | Navigating Supply Chain Issues, Shipping Delays and Labor Shortages with Katie Hunt

Oct 5 • 08:06

The upcoming holiday sales season is upon us! The worldwide shipping delays, supply chain issues and labor shortages have been causing some massive challenges for small businesses everywhere, particularly for physical product businesses. Take a listen to hear my 5 action steps you can take to prepare yourself so you don’t face as many disruptions in your sales as we head i...

219 | Visibility Isn’t Your Problem With Brittney Lynn, Human Connection Agency

Sep 28 • 31:19

Think visibility is your problem? It’s probably not! In this episode, I am welcoming back third-time guest, Brittney Lynn, CEO of the Human Connection Agency. We break down the core fears people have about being visible and how to make the most out of your visibility....

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