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Join Tatiana Moroz & Lauren Kaszovitz as they are joined by various guests from the tech community to tackle how to relate and grow emotional intelligence while building the world of tomorrow. Topics include: relationships, sex, self-love, diet, health, wellness, and of course, a little news andRead more

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Living in the Age of Aquarius with Matt Welsh

Jul 21 • 28:56

What is the Age of Aquarius? Orlando-based musician and yogi Matt Welsh believes it's more than just a song from Hair. On this episode, he joins Tatiana to discuss how his family shaped his love of music, his difficulties connecting to organized religion, and how all of that led to his embracing of New Age concepts of physical and spiritual wellness. Plus, he talks about h...

The Spirit of the Olympics with Veronica Toro

May 28 • 32:32

Proof of Love is proud to present its first Olympian guest, Veronica Toro! Veronica is the first female rower to represent Puerto Rico in the Olympics. She joins the program today to talk about how she was first exposed to the sport of rowing in college, the struggles of juggling her training with her studies in med school, the unprecedented delay of the Tokyo Olympics and...

Healing Trauma of the Mind, Body & Spirit with Chuck Williams & Melina Stroumpis

Apr 23 • 49:29

Flote CXO Chuck Williams returns, accompanied by his beloved wife Melina, to continue his discussion with Tatiana about the process of healing from the trauma of discovering his father's probable role in his mother's murder when he was 17. In this episode, he discusses the toll it took on his relationship with Melina, who was also undergoing chronic health issues at the ti...

Understanding Death, Violence & Forgiveness with Chuck Williams of Flote

Apr 17 • 55:54

Chuck Willliams was a teenager when he learned a horrifying secret about his family's past: that his mother was murdered, and that his father was the likely culprit. On this episode of Proof of Love, he opens up about the trauma of rediscovering a past he barely remembered, and the process of healing. He discusses the steps he took to come to terms with what happened to hi...

Approaching Immortality with Brent Nally of Longevity Plan, LLC

Apr 9 • 01:01:00

Brent Nally is a longevity researcher and veteran of the tech space who believes it is possible to unlock the secrets of extending the human lifespan to radical new lengths. Today, he joins Tatiana to talk about all the latest life extension technology, from stem cell therapy to total blood replacement, and the science behind it all. Plus, he gives his thoughts on some of ...

The Pathology of the Stalker with Howard Scott Warshaw - Proof of Love Ep. 94

Apr 2 • 56:56

Howard Scott Warshaw returns to the program to talk a very serious topic: stalkers. Whether in the form of jilted exes who can't let go, deluded strangers who imagine a rapport, or vengeful online trolls, obsessed individuals can create havoc for a person's personal and professional lives, and can be highly unstable and dangerous. Howard discusses the psychological roots o...

The Feminine Side of Crypto with Elena Sinelnikova - Proof of Love Ep. 93

Mar 26 • 42:40

Elena Sinelnikova has dedicated herself to helping the technology sector, especially crypto, gain a foothold among women. On this episode of Proof of Love, she talks with Tatiana about her success in bringing ladies into the blockchain world, why it's important to bring femininity to tech, and her trials being the best wife and mom she can be while also being a successful ...

Escaping the Pit: Coping with Lockdown After-Effects with Howard Scott Warshaw - Proof of Love Ep. 92

Mar 5 • 54:18

Former Atari game designer, documentarian and psychotherapist Howard Scott Warshaw returns to talk the lost year of 2020. While everyone was locked down in an attempt to prevent physical illness, mental illness has risen sharply during the quarantine. Agoraphobia, claustrophobia, domestic violence, depression,'s all gotten very, very ugly. But there is hope, a...

Red Lights & Footlights: Sex Work, Comedy & Activism with Kaytlin Bailey - Proof of Love Ep. 90

Feb 19 • 37:58

Comedienne, writer, activist & former sex worker Kaytlin Bailey joins Tatiana for a fascinating talk about a variety of subjects, from the history of the sex workers' rights movement in America to her in-development one-woman-show, Whore's Eye View. From discussions on censorship to exploitation of labor to even some book talk, it's a show you won't want to miss....

2nd Anniversary Valentine's Day Girl Talk Extravaganza - Proof of Love Ep. 89

Feb 12 • 37:16

Tatiana & Lauren reflect on Proof of Love's 2nd anniversary with a little catch-up session, reflecting on life in the past year and talking about what's to come, including Tatiana's upcoming relocation to Miami, their shared heritage, Lauren's plans to return to school for her master's degree, Long Beach tans vs. Miami tans, how New Jersey road rage transfers to southern C...

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