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Project Management Happy Hour


PM Happy Hour is the place for frank and honest discussion about real world issues in project management. We do it in a way that’s not too dry, though it may get a bit salty from time to time. Each episode, your hosts Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson we will cover a problem faced in projectRead more

Popular episodes

072 - A 12 Pack of Alignment Hacks with Tim Creasey - Part 1

Nov 23 • 01:10:53

We are joined again by one of our favorite guests, Tim Creasey, Organizational Change Wizard. This time he shares 12 different methods for creating better alignment with your team and your stakeholders. In this first part of a 2 part episode, we share the first 6 of these hacks to help get two people on the same page.  ...

The Project Behind an Ironman Triathlon with Paul Huddle, Senior Regional Director for the Ironman Group

Sep 23 • 01:10:36

The Ironman Triathlon. Without exaggeration, it is truly one of the most epic endurance events that a mortal human can participate in: 140.6 miles covered in a single day by swimming, biking and running. ...

070 - Change Management Mic Drops with Tim Creasey

Aug 16 • 01:10:41

Project Managers are agents of change. Whether your project changes organizations, technologies, infrastructure or processes, the success of your project likely depends on *people* actually using your deliverables. But how much of your project is really focused on those people and helping them understand and make those changes? ...

069 - Project Management in an Alien Environment

Jun 22 • 40:20

You’re a PM and you have landed on a strange new world where you don’t know the industry, the organization the people or the subject matter. How do you get oriented enough to intelligently deliver a project? How do you succeed in this alien environment? ...

068 - Interviewing PM’s: Inside the Mind of a Hiring Manager with Matt Henderson

May 17 • 52:02

Whether you are hiring project managers or hope to get hired, do you know what hiring managers should be looking for? What’s going on in a hiring managers mind when they look at your resume and when they interview you? ...

067 - What the heck is ITSM? And how is it like Improv?

Apr 6 • 01:04:49

If you are a PM working in or with a large enterprise, you may have heard of ITSM, or the ITIL framework. And you may well have been asked to create additional deliverables and go through some processes to support ITSM. But what is it? How does it work? Why is it good for organizations? And as a PM, what do I typically need to do to support it? And, what's the difference b...

066 - How to be a consultant: Dealing with customers without having a nervous breakdown

Mar 9 • 38:01

If your project customers are external to your organization, you have a lot more to worry about than the success of your project. You also have the carry the weight of building and maintaining a relationship with your organization's customer. And if you do it wrong... you are toast! ...

065 - Can you keep a secret? Managing confidential information

Jan 12 • 42:22

As PM’s we are often privy to confidential information. How do you manage that info, even when you know it will impact your friends and colleagues? ...

064 - Getting into - or out of - Project Management, with Ben Aston of The Digital Project Manager podcast

Dec 1 • 01:26:23

Are you trying to get into the field of Project Management? Or, are you ready for the next step and to move out of the PM field? ...

063 - Candid Conversations with a Project Management Recruiter, with Norma Gutierrez

Oct 9 • 50:49

Are you looking for a PM job? If not now, one day you may be. So, why not talk to a pro who knows the market and help you find the right job? A Project Management Recruiter! ...

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