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As tech teams we're great at designing and building products and experiences that people love. But one thing that we still can't do effectively is design our own careers. With the help of regular contributors and special guests, we dig into why that is, tackling questions around managing vsRead more

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#28 Steve Bianchi (Beamery, Unilever) on the rise of the people-focused COO and a capability-based future

Sep 29 • 46:29

This week Jonny chats to Steve Bianchi, CHRO and COO of talent operating system Beamery. A real futurist and systems thinker, Steve gets into the future of the people team, why people leaders make good Chief Operating Officers and imagines a future where we’re hired not based on our university and CV but by our skills and ambition....

#27 Lucas Coelho (Roam Digital) on building an academy, leadership lessons and how to run a happy team

Sep 7 • 55:19

In this episode Jonny chats to Lucas Coelho — VP of design at Roam Digital — about growing as a leader, his thoughts on how to build a bench of good junior folks, being honest and learning from failure and his experience building progression frameworks and using Progression. Lucas is a Progression customer, but we try and steer well clear of that until the very end....

#26 Brian Lovin (Github, Spectrum, Design Details) on the rise of the senior IC

Jun 23 • 56:18

In this episode, Jonny chats with Brian about the rise of the very senior IC (Individual Contributor) - a subject close to our heart at Progression. We also go into the process of creating a startup and Brian's experience building and exiting Spectrum, his mixed feelings about how much we should be optimising for titles and putting yourself out there on the internet....

#25 Sarah Clatterbuck (Yahoo, LinkedIn, Google) on frameworks for startups vs large orgs and avoiding anti-patterns

Jun 4 • 43:20

In this episode, Sarah Clatterbuck, Senior Director of Engineering at Google sits down with Neil to discuss a whole range of topics including:...

#24: Jessie Hayes (Whereby, Box) on treating people like a product and keeping frameworks light

May 12 • 51:20

This episode, Jonny chats to Jessie Hayes, VP People and Talent at Whereby, the London video platform. ...

#23: Gonçalo Silva (CTO, Doist) on building progression frameworks for a distributed team

Mar 25 • 56:52

We're back after a bit of a break with a new series of Progression Pods - this time we're mixing up the presenter so watch out for some new voices from the team....

#22: Inside Progression Ep2 — Jonny and Neil catch-up

Jun 10 • 41:06

It's been a while since Jonny and Neil sat down to talk through Product progress, plans and strategy. This somewhat unplanned ramble-chat covers how we're thinking about high touch vs low touch go-to-market, COVID impact, honing the problem we're solving and for who....

Progression anti-racism statement

Jun 9 • 03:23

#21 Cap Watkins (Primary, Buzzfeed) on helping new managers and the problem with taking other people's career ladders

Mar 11 • 46:34

Cap Watkins is CXO at Primary, where he's responsible for Design, Product, People and engineering (oh my!)....

#20: Irene Au (Khosla Ventures, Google) on scaling design teams and practices, scaling yourself and finding your why

Jan 28 • 41:32

About Irene...

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