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PROFIT AND BEAUTY: A Show For Salon Professionals

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This show was created for Salon owners who have decided to start running their salon like a business rather than a hustle. The focus of the show is to help salon owners understand the numbers behind their business so they can grow and make extraordinary profits. My name is Desarie Anderson, aRead more

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Finances For Salon Professionals

Sep 7 • 19:22

Cash Flow Management For The Independent Stylist

Jul 30 • 19:11

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Why Independent Stylists Need To Set Up A Bookkeeping or Accounting System

Jun 16 • 18:28

Episode 1 of 6- Picking The Right Legal Structure For The Independent Stylist

Jun 7 • 14:36

Hello everyone and welcome to my six-part series all about business financial literacy for the independent stylists...

What's The Difference Between An Independent Contractor, A Booth Renter, & An Independent Stylists?

Jun 3 • 06:28

PPP Loan Forgiveness For Salon Owners & Independent Stylists

May 13 • 20:27

How COVID19 Exposed The Importance of Choosing And Understanding Your Business Legal Structure

May 3 • 04:12

COVID19 has brought to the fore-front the theme of the podcast that I have been hosting for years, and that is the importance of treating your business “like a business” and not like a hobby, regardless of whether you are a full-service salon or a booth renter behind the chair. I’ve always said, If the government treats you like a business, you are a business, and therefo...

The Latest PPP Loan Update For Booth Renters, Salon Owners Without Employees & Independent Contractors

Apr 20 • 25:15

On Tuesday, April 14, the Small Business Administration (SBA) issued several important clarifications to its rules regarding the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) in respect to the following:...

How Do I Record Losses For Booth Rent Due To The Closure From COVID19?

Apr 11 • 03:23

The COVID19 CARES Act & How it Affects Beauty Industry Professionals

Apr 6 • 46:56

What is the CARES (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security) Act? The CARES Act is the largest economic stimulus package in the history of the United States. It includes approximately two trillion dollars to help people and businesses impacted by COVID-19. Many beauty professionals are asking “What does this mean for me?”...

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