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ProdPod: Episode 118 — Pondering Minimalism vis-à-vis Personal Productivity

Aug 7 • 01:59

How does minimalism affect your personal productivity? And, is there such a thing as a minimalist approach to productivity? I believe ardently that our physical and digital worlds are a manifestation of our mental-emotional world, so I sought out some answers about these thorny questions. After about 30 hours of research and uncounted hours of pondering, here are my though...

ProdPod: Episode 117 — Getting More Resilient (Resilience and Productivity)

Mar 6 • 01:59

ProdPod: Episode 116 — Resilience and Productivity

Jul 11 • 01:55

A few episodes ago I covered several challenges that people face in their productive lives, including overcoming overwhelm, distractions, indecision, procrastination, and burnout. And, in this episode, I am detailing an important emotional skill that one hears in many contexts but is one consistent source of productive strength for those willing to build it: resilience....

ProdPod: Episode 115 -- Thinking INSIDE the Box! (Part 2)

Mar 3 • 01:53

ProdPod: Episode 114 -- Thinking INSIDE the Box! (Part 1)

Mar 2 • 01:50

ProdPod: Episode 113 -- Limiting Resources for Greater Productivity

Mar 1 • 01:59

Intuitively, we know that focus is a fundamental of greater productivity. Broadly and less instinctively, focus manifests heightened productivity by training and straining any resource, including but not limited to attention, time, money, and other resources. In Episode 98, I spoke about using time-based challenges for sprinting toward such productivity. Now, I’d like to d...

ProdPod: Episode 112 -- Overcoming Burnout: Rest and Rejuvenation for Sustainable Productivity

Feb 28 • 02:00

ProdPod: Episode 111 -- Overcoming Procrastination

Feb 27 • 02:00

ProdPod: Episode 110 -- Overcoming Indecision

Feb 26 • 01:57

ProdPod: Episode 109 -- Overcoming Distractions

Feb 24 • 01:54

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