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Primal Diet – Modern Health combines the best of Natural Health and the Paleo Diet in one terrific show. Host Beverly Meyer offers a wealth of information on food, hormones, supplements, sleep, neurotransmitters, and more, often with great guests. She is a Clinical Nutritionist in practice sinceRead more

Popular episodes

GABA Deficiency Symptoms

Dec 20 • 30:24

Gaba deficiency symptoms are diverse and can affect the whole body.  If you struggle with pain, anxiety, IBS, reflux, sweaty hands, insomnia or dozens of other health concerns, you may be showing Gaba deficiency symptoms....

Is a Low Arginine Diet for Herpes Permanent?

Oct 19 • 32:55

Is a low Arginine Herpes diet permanent? Do you need to stay 100% strict with it forever?...

How To Correctly Dose Vitamin D

Sep 14 • 44:14

Natural Help for Vertigo Using Chiropractic and Homeopathy

Aug 2 • 35:26

Natural Flea Control for Dogs or Cats

Jul 8 • 30:39

4 Reasons You Have Trouble Staying Asleep

Jun 18 • 40:54

Are You Eating Dinner Too Early?

May 18 • 38:42

Are you eating dinner too early? The best time to eat dinner may change your sleep and energy....

My 5 Best Supplements for Herpes

Apr 22 • 31:04

Here are the best supplements for Herpes I have used and carry in my Online Store. More anti-viral supplement support is found here. The Herpes Supplement Pack includes these and several more....

Help For Bunions Without Surgery

Apr 11 • 32:45

5 Differences Between Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil

Mar 12 • 30:04

I'm often asked about the differences between fish oil and cod liver oil. Which is best? Both have anti-inflammatory EPA-DHA, but there's more to know before buying....

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