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Pretend - a true crime documentary podcast

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Pretend Radio is a documentary-style podcast about real people pretending to be someone else. I interview con artists, snake oil salesmen, undercover FBI agents—pretty much anyone living a lie.

Popular episodes

S808: The Hypnotist part 2

Nov 23 • 40:53

In part one of The Hypnotist, I interviewed several hypnotherapists to answer the question: what is hypnosis? The short answer is a trancelike state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject.*...

S807: The Hypnotist part 1

Nov 9 • 53:22

I want to undergo hypnotic regression, experience it for myself, and try to unlock memories from my childhood that should probably never resurface. Can hypnosis help me recover that memory? ...

S806: The Real Vampires

Oct 26 • 40:09

John Browning investigates real blood-sucking vampires—people who need human blood to survive. ...

Hemingway's Picasso

Oct 20 • 07:52

Steven Kough lived many lives. He was an NFL journeyman, a male model, and one of the most well-connected smugglers in 1980’s Miami, the “Drug Capital of the World.”...

Bonus: Michael plays air guitar

Oct 12 • 20:38

S805: The King of Lies

Sep 28 • 35:18

Lee King spilled the beans on his family's secret—leading to his father’s arrest....

S804: The Ransomware Negotiator

Sep 14 • 37:54

Even if you've never heard those words before, trust me, most of us have experienced Ransomware one way or another....

S803: The Sovereign Man

Aug 31 • 36:30

Sean David Morton was arrested in 2016 after being charged with more than 50 counts related to filing phony tax documents and bogus government bonds. He was also accused of conspiracy to defraud the IRS. These are similar tactics used by sovereign citizens—but Sean David Mortin doesn't like that label. ...

S802: The Naked Sovereign Surgeon

Aug 17 • 51:26

Where do sovereign citizens go when they need medical attention? Some of them seek help from homeopathic quacks like Rick Van Thiel....

S801: The Sovereign Citizen

Aug 4 • 43:00

What is a sovereign citizen? 

American Sovereign citizens believe that the laws of the United States do not apply to them. Therefore, no authority should tell them what to do: not judges, lawmakers, lawyers, or police officers. Oh, and they don't pay taxes either. 

Sounds crazy, right? It would be crazy if they didn't get away with it so often.


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