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The PressClub podcast offers recordings of Josh Constine's Clubhouse show PressClub, which brings together journalists, experts, and founders to discuss tech’s top stories. Your host Josh Constine is a VC at SignalFire & ex-editor of TechCrunch where he was tech’s most cited journalist fromRead more

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We Need Mental HealthTech: anxiety & depression up 300% - with Grow Therapy CEO Jake Cooper, Coa co-founder Dr. Emily Anhalt, therapist Nidhi Tewari

Nov 11 • 56:18

COVID has triggered a global mental health crisis. What are the latest approaches to democratizing access to therapy + other preventions & treatments? Hear about the state of mental health in America, how we destigmatize care, and tips on what does and doesn't work for coping with stress. Join mental healthtech startup founders and therapists as we discuss how VR, chat bot...

How To Win At Startup PR with TechCrunch Editor-In-Chief Matthew Panzarino & Edelman PR's Margot Edelman

Oct 13 • 01:12:03

How can your startup get press coverage when there's already more tech news than journalists can report? Hear the best pitch strategies straight from TechCrunch boss Matthew Panzarino and the world's largest PR firm Edelman PR's General Manager Margot Edelman. On PressClub, we discuss startup PR do's and don'ts, pros and cons, choosing who to pitch, how to get your cold em...

Can Facebook Fix Itself? With ex-CSO Alex Stamos & WSJ's Jeff Horwitz

Sep 21 • 01:00:51

"I don't think that there will actually be significant cultural change until Zuckerberg steps down" Facebook's former Chief Security Officer Alex Stamos tells PressClub. The Wall Street Journal's Facebook Files scoops revealed that the company knew its algorithm incentivized hate, its XCheck system shielded VIPs from content moderation, that human traffickers used it to lu...

Defining Your Identity In The Crypto Era: NFT Artist Shl0ms, XMTP CEO Matt Galligan

Sep 8 • 01:00:38

Is your crypto wallet address your new name and social media profile? Will your personality and status be represented by a public record of the art you buy and projects you support? Where identity goes, communication follows, so will crypto-native messaging replace email and Discord?...

Fee or free: The Future Of Knowledge with Q&A Site Quora's CEO Adam D'Angelo

Aug 24 • 56:29

How does learning change when everyone has a voice online? Yahoo Answers just shut down. What's next for Wikipedia, Quora, and journalism? How will the creator economy and education collide? What will be the impact of new "adaptive paywalls" that only charge if they predict you'll pay? Your host Josh Constine asks Quora founder / CEO Adam D'Angelo, formerly the first CTO o...

Can VR train surgeons? Immersive Edtech with Osso VR CEO Justin Barad and Scope AR CEO Scott Montgomerie

Jul 25 • 01:00:02

How do move mentorship to the cloud and reskill workforces made obsolete by new technology? Job training in virtual reality and augmented reality isn’t science fiction anymore. Immersive education has proven to beat 2D learning, with Osso VR’s surgeon training system able to boost doctors’ performance 230% to 306% over traditional guidance. ...

Fintech For Creators: Chess streamer Alexandra Botez, Karat credit card founders Eric Wei and Will Kim

Jul 7 • 01:03:42

Fintech for creators is the next big startup category. 5-time Canadian national chess champion and Twitch star Alexandra Botez reveals how she was repeatedly rejected by traditional banks who don't understand influencers. That's why Karat just raised $26M from investors including SignalFire to give creators banking tools like a credit card based on their follower count and...

BabyTech replaces nannies: Snoo robo-crib CEO Dr. Harvey Karp, Nanit night-vision monitor CEO Sarah Dorsett, Yumi organic food CMO Evelyn Rusli

Jul 1 • 01:08:33

The disintegration of tribal and generational living plus the high price of child care are necessitating new technologies to help parents. Meet the biggest startups making the best gadgets for babies: Snoo's robo-bassinet that detects cries and rocks kids back to sleep, Nanit's night-vision baby monitor that sends you push notifications, and Yumi's organic baby food delive...

Clubhouse founders interview: Inventing serendipity with Paul Davison and Rohan Seth

Jun 13 • 01:00:20

On the 1-year anniversary episode of PressClub, Josh Constine interviews the founders of Clubhouse -- CEO Paul Davison and CTO Rohan Seth. They reveal how Clubhouse started, their personal origin stories, how they built their company amidst huge hype, and their vision for the audio creator economy. You'll learn about how Clubhouse unbundled podcasting by helping with produ...

Future of Self-Driving Cars: When & how? Is Tesla Autopilot safe? With founders of Cruise, Zoox, Aurora, & Voyage plus ex-Uber & TechCrunch experts

May 2 • 01:40:44

Will we own self-driving cars or just hail them like Ubers? When can we expect them, and will governments ban old-school cars? Is Tesla Autopilot safe or is it dangerous to require humans to take control at a moment's notice? PressClub host Josh Constine of SignalFire asks these tough and exciting questions to the top founders and leaders in the self-driving industry, incl...

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