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With over 120 years of gaming experience at our table, our rotating hosts will take you back to your favorite retro games and culture! From the distant 80's to a far flung 65 billion years in the future, come level up, and listen to the Press B to Cancel podcast. Visit us atRead more

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Press B 104: The End

Oct 15 • 01:22:45

From Raul Julia in Street Fighter to Dennis Hopper in Mario; there are many odd casting choices for movies based on video games. In this very special episode of Press B Wulff and Jake recount their favorite (and not so favorite) video game films. ...

Press B 103: Battletoads

Oct 7 • 01:17:32

There are a handful of titles on the NES that come with a level of street cred. Rites of passage to those that dare play the most challenging of games. The Dark Queen has taken down many Nintendo fans and Press B is not spared causalities, but some have fought the fight and beaten this game, today we talk Battletoads...

Press B 102: Saturday Morning Cartoons

Oct 1 • 01:12:04

Waking before sunrise, bowl of sugary cereal, PJ's all morning; yes it can only be a Saturday morning in the 1980's. From the 90's comic book cartoon classics all the way to the toy inspiring 80's of Transformers and GI Joe, this week Press B discusses their favorite weekend cartoons....

Press B 101: 16-Bit Accessories

Sep 24 • 01:29:22

Not to be outdone by the past generation the 16-bit era gave us many gadgets, addons, and accessories to use with home consoles. From perplexing controllers, to puzzling ports this week Press B looks at peripherals for the SNES and Genesis. ...

Press B 100: 30XX Early Access Preview

Sep 17 • 01:08:15

Mighty Number 9? Ha! There is only one clear successor to the throne of unofficial Megaman and that is 30XX. An indie procedurally generated platforming game wearing all of Capcom's blue bomber influence on it's sleeve. This week we take a peek at a game that's had an amazing run thru early access and is sure to be a best seller at launch. ...

Press B 99: Super Metroid Madness

Sep 10 • 50:40

Super Metroid is arguably one of the best of the SNES. Wulff and GP rundown this bounty hunting road trip with a few stops on other entries in the franchise proving just how iconic Samus Aran is for Nintendo....

Press B 98: Horror Double Feature with Chardmonk

Sep 3 • 01:06:33

Special Guest Host Chardmonk joins WareWulff in talking about the spooky, the scare, and the unfamiliar in this double feature episode that mostly focuses on Summer of '58 and Alien: Isolation. They also talk about spooky experiences and some other similarly themed games and movies! BOO!...

Press B 97: SNES RPG Showdown

Aug 27 • 01:53:45

From Earthbound to Final Fantasy; without a doubt the Super Nintendo was king of role-playing games of the 16 bit era. We've drilled down 12 of the very best to fight for the title of "Greatest RPG on the SNES". Will Square sweep the finish line or do Shadowrun and Robotrek break the mold?...

Press B 96: Sidekicks

Aug 20 • 56:16

Hey! Listen! We talk about sidekicks and determine which ones rock and which ones suck. Watch out! No sidekick is safe from Jake's salt in this episode! Luigi, Tails, Diddy... and numerous more! Except Clank. Sorry 'bout that....

Press B 95: Final Fantasy 8 Prove Us Wrong

Aug 13 • 01:17:21

Wallet chains and frosted tips! There are many things cool from 1999, was Final Fantasy 8 one of them? Special Guest CaptHighFive tries to convince Press B why we were wrong about this edgy RPG. ...

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