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Stephanie is a professional doula, childbirth educator and the creator of the My Essential Birth online pregnancy and birth course. With captivating interviews and listener-lead topics, she breaks down all the essentials to make preparing your mind, body, and baby for labor a breeze.

Popular episodes

Forward-Leaning Inversion + Creating Balance in the Pelvis

Nov 30 • 28:36

Today we dive further into one of the 3 free exercise that we give to you on our website, that will prepare you and your body for giving birth.
The forward-leaning inversion is an exercise that creates room in the uterus and allows the baby's head to be positioned correctly.
Tune in to learn more about how to give your baby the room it needs to be in an excellent position fo...

The Best Birthing Positions for an Easier Labor & Birth

Nov 23 • 42:39

This week on the Pregnancy and Birth Made Easy podcast, you’ll learn the best birthing positions for easier labor and delivery. We’re going to go in-depth to these different positions and discuss how to find the one that works best for you, because we know that every birth is as unique as your baby and deserves care and attention tailor-fit to your experience. All of our i...

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy with Dr. Brandie Nemchenko

Nov 16 • 34:34

This week on My Essential Birth, I welcome Serial Entrepreneur, Chiropractor, and Doctor Brandie Nemchenko. Brandie is the Founder and CEO of Experience Chiropractic, Clinical Director of Bloom at Experience, and Developer of the Bloom Philosophy. On top of all these accomplishments, she is the author of What You Don’t Expect When You’re Expecting, a brilliant book for hel...

Chiropractic Care - Dr. Brandie Nemchenko

Nov 9 • 33:43

Curb Walking For Labor

Nov 9 • 45:16

This week, on My Essential Birth, I delve into the natural ways to induce childbirth, answering questions about the processes and methods, their risks and benefits, and the options available to you. We’ll dive down the rabbit hole to understanding prodromal labor, its symptoms, and how you can cope. From there it’s Curb Walking 101, a simple exercise with giant benefits. I...

First Baby, Birthing with Midwives: Taylor’s Birth Story

Nov 2 • 44:32

Today’s guest is Taylor, a new mom and student of My Essential Birth, who recently gave birth to the first baby in her family. In spite of rough symptoms in the first trimester, Taylor had an extremely positive experience being pregnant....

Why The Golden Hour Matters!

Oct 26 • 25:37

Are you prepared for the very first step of the postpartum period? This week on the podcast, I talk about the golden hour—that crucial first 60 minutes following your baby’s birth. I’ll be going through why the golden hour is so important, how to get it (if it’s not immediately offered to you during your care), and exactly what you and your partner should be doing during t...

Am I in Labor?

Oct 20 • 37:35

Do you know what to look for to know it’s labor time?! This week on the podcast, I talk about what those things are but also give you some detail on how they can show up for moms because, let’s be honest, some moms may see certain signs and still wait a week or two before hitting active labor. Tune in and enjoy!...

Safety of Homebirth + Informed Consent with Angie, LM, CPM

Oct 13 • 51:56

This week I had the pleasure of having  incredible home birth midwife, Angie, LM, CPM,  join me on the podcast. Angie, from the Long Beach, CA area, gives us some insight into what the process of taking care of a mother during pregnancy and birth is like as a home birth midwife. We also went a little deeper into birthing during a pandemic as well as the importance of infor...

Anne's Birth Story: Experiencing All the Firsts

Oct 6 • 35:59

I can't wait for you to listen to this inspiring birth story with Anne, a My Essential Birth Course mama, who takes us through her journey from conception, pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. It is a perfect story about what it's really like to walk through everything pregnancy, birth, and postpartum for the very first time. Her and her husband did an excellent job pr...

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