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All things Pre-K/Preschool Teacher ... Behavior management strategies, time saving tips, advice from teachers, and high quality resources - if you need it, we’re talking about it.

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11. How To Get The Kids To Do The Talking!

May 22 • 57:49

I HAD ORIGINALLY SET UP A TEXT SERVICE FOR YOU TO VIEW PHOTOS THAT CORRESPOND WITH THIS EPISODE BUT THEY LOST ALL MY INFORMATION SO I'VE POSTED THE PHOTOS HERE: I APOLOGIZE for the fancy technology failing us! We took a chance on a company that let us down and will not attempt to use the text technology anymore!...

10. The Importance of MOVEMENT in The Day & How to Handle Tattling

Apr 30 • 23:59

David Kisor - Self Control Song: ...

9. The ONE THING that determines the mood of the classroom and how to make it work for you!

Apr 11 • 30:45

We are excited to talk to you today, about something very powerful… something with the power to control or sway the entire mood of the classroom. We’re going to tell you what it is and explain how to use it to your advantage!...

8. Support for families who are stuck at home during the pandemic.

Apr 2 • 29:14

7. Behavior Problems? We’ve got 4 MORE Strategies for you to try!

Mar 12 • 23:43

This is PART 2 of a series that will give you LOTS of behavior management strategies to help turn things around in your classroom....

6. Behavior Management Problems? We’ve got 7 Strategies for you to try! (Part 1 of 2)

Mar 6 • 31:56

Today’s episode is going to be PART 1 of a two part series that will give you LOTS of behavior management strategies to help turn things around in your classroom....

5. Tips for Getting Organized & A Teacher Author Interview You Don’t Want To Miss!

Feb 28 • 36:00

Today we’re helping you get, AND STAY, organized and we’re interviewing a kindergarten teacher who just published a book that you are going to love!...

4. The Behavior Management System That Will Be The Solution To Your Behavior Problems.

Feb 20 • 27:18

3.Playground Problems? Here’s How To Fix Them Now!

Feb 13 • 41:41

We’re giving you our best tips for making the most out of RECESS....

2. Our #1 GO-TO Behavior Management Strategy to Help You Get Those Tough Behaviors Under Control

Feb 5 • 25:54

We're giving you our go-to behavior intervention that will help you ALL KINDS OF tough and/or explosive behaviors....

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