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The Powered by Battery podcast features guests from inside and outside the Battery ecosystem discussing major tech issues of the day.

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More than Sneakers: Lessons From StockX in Empathy, Communications and Hypergrowth During a Pandemic

Feb 1 • 41:49
Figuring out how to rapidly scale a novel type of e-commerce business is never easy—but try doing it during an unprecedented global pandemic.

Just ask Scott Cutler, the CEO of online marketplace StockX. Cutler—whose Detroit company started off selling high-demand sneakers but has since diversified into areas ranging from streetwear to watches to electronics—has overseen se...

How to Build Applications Securely and Run Them in Production, Without Really Trying

Dec 19 • 26:00
The volume of software code being written by companies for new and existing software applications is exploding today—and growing even more due to Covid-19. Many enterprises are speeding up digital-transformation efforts that were in the works before the pandemic, owing to the need to move more services online, improve online products for customers and connect a workforce t...

The Secrets to Building a Product-Led Organization

Oct 26 • 29:05
If you’re a tech CEO, you’ve probably heard of “product led growth.” But what about a product-led company? In this episode of Powered by Battery, we speak with Todd Olson, the CEO of software company Pendo*, who’s written a book on how to build what he calls a product-led organization—one intensely focused on creating products that delight customers and easily anticipate t...

Banking on Digital Upgrades in the Financial Sector—Even in a Pandemic

Sep 29 • 24:43
Banks and credit unions haven’t always been the quickest adopters of new, digital tools. But could the global pandemic push them along? In this episode of Powered by Battery, we chat with Dede Wakefield, CEO of financial-technology firm Alogent, which sells technology to help financial institutions better manage their own internal processes and interact with customers onli...

How a Canadian “Cobot”-Application Company Used the Pandemic to Re-Tool

Aug 28 • 24:06
How do you stay connected with partners and customers without traveling—and keep employees motivated when they feel like every interaction with a co-worker is a draining, formal meeting? How do you onboard new employees remotely? Most of all, how do you keep from feeling powerless when the world shuts down (at least temporarily) and many of your customers are suffering?


How One NYC-Area Bank Is Carving a New Path in Fin-Tech Amidst a Pandemic

Jul 20 • 25:07

Is the Future of Hotels Contactless?

Jun 25 • 29:21
On this episode of Powered by Battery we talk to the founder of hotel-software provider Mews. Mews’ founder, Czech-born Richard Valtr, comes from a family of hotel operators in Europe and has a far-reaching vision of how hotels can offer better service to customers—through technology. Valtr talked to us in late May about the tough business decisions Mews had to make earlie...

Navigating a Pandemic as a Healthcare-IT CEO

Jun 8 • 30:25
In this episode of Powered by Battery, we chat with Redox* CEO Luke Bonney, who started Redox out of a digital-health incubator in Madison, Wisc. Redox’s platform helps everyone from small startups to large enterprises—including customers such as the Cleveland Clinic and Brigham and Women’s Hospital--exchange healthcare data and realize the potential of technologies such a...

When Your Entire Business Is On a Screen with Clark Valberg, CEO of InVision

Oct 15 • 41:53
We now live in a screen-focused era in which modern businesses are really apps with businesses attached—and not the other way around, says Clark Valberg, the CEO of InVision*, a company which makes popular digital product-design software. This means that good design—driven by a relentless focus on the customer—should be paramount for most businesses, Valberg says.

In this e...

Building a Whopper of a Customer-Engagement Platform: Bill Magnuson of Braze

Sep 25 • 33:35
In this episode of Powered by Battery, Braze CEO Bill Magnuson breaks down the role his company played in the innovative Whopper campaign but also talks about what it’s like to run a fast-growing tech company in New York; how to manage a company re-branding and name change; and how a highly technical founder can build a seasoned management team and a diverse board. Have a ...

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