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Power in the Pandemic

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How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the people we don't usually hear from? What solutions and leadership are emerging from the crisis? In each episode, we get a glimpse into the world that’s being created in the cracks of this crisis. We will hear from a range of individuals and social leaders,Read more

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How can we create Feminist Futures?

Jan 21 • 54:42

This episode hosts a conversation recorded last September 2020 during a virtual encounter around Creating Feminist Futures. María Faciolince, our host and moderator, is joined by three visionary feminists from around the world: Crystal Simeoni (Director at Nawi: Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective), Meera Ghani (Policy coordinator at Ecolise, Co-founder of Moxie Consultancy ...

Meera's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

Jan 13 • 25:48

"If we want to move away from systems of violence, we have to reimagine a world that centres care." - Meera Ghani...

Majandra's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

Oct 29 • 25:01

"From an ecofeminist perspective, we understand that the sustainability of life should be at the front and centre of our economic system, instead of profit and competition. That means valuing care work. It means valuing low-carbon jobs. It means valuing the sustainability of all life." - Majandra Rodríguez Acha


Betty's journey: Climate, Covid and Care

Sep 21 • 17:59

"Just because the entire world was on lockdown, doesn’t mean that climate change or the patriarchy was on lockdown. The patriarchy is not on lockdown. Climate change cannot be contained" - Betty Barkha

This is the third episode of a mini-series, in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journey's zine which launched on the 24th of August, 2020. This publi...

Maggie's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

Aug 31 • 16:54

"The climate crisis is real for so many communities. Sometimes we don't have the language for it, we can't explain it. But we can feel it in our bodies. We feel it in our land. We see it in the water" - Maggie Mapondera

This is the second episode of a new mini-series, in collaboration with the Climate, Covid, and Care: Feminist Journeys zine which launched on the 24th of Au...

Hindou's Journey: Climate, Covid and Care

Aug 26 • 20:56

"You can't speak about us, without us" -  Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim...

"Imagine something out of the box" How are young people responding to the pandemic?

Jul 7 • 29:10

How are young people responding to the coronavirus crisis?

What's it like to manage a soap factory during the pandemic?...

Breaking Borders, Refugees Imagining a Post-COVID World

Jun 17 • 30:00

How do we imagine a fairer, kinder post-COVID world for refugees and asylum seekers?

It's Refugee Week! To celebrate, we bring you an episode which cuts across borders and hands the mic to two refugee activists who discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on the communities they work with.

We hear from Obai Kurdali who works on peacebuilding and is based in Gaziantep in Turkey, a...

Featured voice: Robtel Neajai Pailey on racism in development

Jun 12 • 32:47

Let’s talk about racism and development.

Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey is a Liberian academic, activist and author.In this conversation, Maria and Robtel talk about development as a racist construct. They discuss the 'decolonial turn', systems of power and decision-making that uphold racism, and Robtel asks us: how complicit are we all in upholding the notion that whiteness (ofte...

Living on a Resettlement Camp During a Pandemic

Jun 9 • 23:12

Coronavirus has brought up new challenges locally and globally, how do these challenges affect refugees and internally displaced people living on resettlement camps?

How has the Coronavirus made a difficult and precarious living situation more complicated for internally displaced people and refugees? What is it like to live through this pandemic in a camp setting? And what ...

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