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Every week on Power Hour energy philosopher Alex Epstein breaks down today's top energy, environmental, and climate issues.

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Economist Saifedean Ammous on "fiat science," "fiat education," and "fiat fuels"

Jul 15 • 01:13:52

On this week's Power Hour Alex Epstein interviews economist Dr. Saifedean Ammous, about how systematic government control--"fiat"--wreaks havoc in the realms, not just of currency, but of science, education, and energy.

They cover:

- How government control in the realm of ideas is treated as benign but is in fact incredibly dangerous.

- The myth that leading universities such...

How to Bring About a Renaissance in Puerto Rico

Jul 7 • 01:01:21

Recorded in advance of Alex Epstein’s headline-making Congressional testimony about Puerto Rico, Alex Epstein interviews Yaron Brook, Chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute and a Puerto Rico resident, about how to bring about a renaissance in Puerto Rico.

Brook explains:

- Why he moved to Puerto Rico

- The parallels between Puerto Rico and Hong Kong

- How Puerto Rican policy punis...

Chris Wright, proud Oil & Gas CEO

Jul 2 • 55:04

On this week’s Power Hour I have a wide-ranging discussion with Chris Wright, the proud and outspoken CEO of Liberty Oilfield Services. I first met Chris when we tag-teamed in a debate against climate catastrophists back in late 2015.

He, like me, came to love fossil fuels despite not coming from that industry background at all (his background was working on fusion at MIT).

How "the experts" can be totally wrong about energy

Jun 19 • 47:21

From Alex Epstein:

An understandable reaction to my view that the world should be using more fossil fuels in the coming decades, not less, is "This is the exact opposite of what 'the experts' say. Almost every institution I trust says the expert consensus is that we need to rapidly eliminate fossil fuel use. How can you be right and they be wrong?"

On this week's Power Hour ...

Announcement: New Power Hour schedule

Jun 10 • 02:06

Climate Scientocracy

Jun 3 • 58:49

Alex Epstein interviews Dr. Patrick Michaels, climate scientist and policy expert, on how today’s climate “scientocracy”—the heavily government-funded and government-influenced field of climate science—works.

While those outside the field of climate science tend to think of it as consisting of independent researchers, free to pursue the truth wherever it leads them, Michael...

The many myths of "energy transition"

May 27 • 58:22

On this week's Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews Terry Etam, an energy industry veteran who is one of the savviest energy analysts today. They debunk the claim that the world is going through a rapid "energy transition" away from fossil fuels by discussing many energy realities, including:

- China's fossil fueled dominance of "green energy"

- China's, Russia's, and India's...

Alex Epstein Congressional testimony and Q&A, May 19, 2021

May 21 • 01:06:35

Best-of Power Hour: Onkar Ghate on Earth Day

May 14 • 01:01:17

From Alex Epstein: “10 years ago, I recorded what is still my favorite Earth Day Power Hour with philosopher Onkar Ghate, a long-time mentor of mine. Before we recorded the episode, Onkar suggested to me that we take a positive approach, explaining how much better human beings have made the Earth. That suggestion, and much of what we discussed in that episode, has affected...

How Climate Science Gets Distorted

May 5 • 01:04:15

On this week's Power Hour, Alex Epstein interviews economist Ross McKittrick, famous for debunking Michael Mann's once-ubiquitous "hockey stick," about how climate science gets distorted--so that what the public hears about climate science is a wild exaggeration of what most climate scientists actually believe.  

McKittrick explains:

- How the "hockey stick" became ubiquito...

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