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The Imperfect Buddha podcast explores the world of contemporary Western Buddhism mixing in banter with analysis, no holds barred discussion, and guest interviews. We shun Ted style talks in favour of in-depth discussion and interviews that have room to breathe. The podcast has a host site whichRead more

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Last Act @Soundcloud: Moving to a New Home

Nov 25 • 03:02
The Imperfect Buddha Podcast is moving on to new terrain and a new home over at the New Books Network, a location for intelligent conversations. Here's the link:


Past episodes will remain here at Soundcloud for the next six months. You can also listen to all episodes at the host site fro now and forever and catch writings and think ...

82. IBP: Richard K. Payne on Securalizing Buddhism

Aug 10 • 01:03:15
From immanent Buddhism to cruel optimism, from secular subjectivity to the unconscious material running through your personal practice, today's episode features a returning guest in the figure of Richard K. Payne who is here to discuss his latest work and the contributions made by many great authors thinking deeply and critically about contemporary Buddhism.

Published by Sh...

81. IBP: You need non-practice!

Jun 26 • 28:57
Something like a provocation, something of an introduction; this audio-cast presents a recent piece of work over at the Imperfect Buddha site on non-practice for all those interested in how to apply the non- to the practising life.
Built on Complex world, Complex Practice and prior to a series on applied practice, this is the audio version of an elaboration of the opening ...

80. IBP: Tina Rasmussen PhD Concentrating on Practice

Apr 4 • 01:00:04
Tina Rassmussen is one of our first meditation teachers on in a long while. Well, being a practice based series, this was inevitable. Tina was co-author of a book on jhana states and concentration that I have had on my shelf for a long time. Concentration is not the topic of our conversation, however. Here are some of the themes we explored;

• Compatibility issues between n...

79. IBP: Jane Affleck PhD on the Environment & Art as Practice

Apr 4 • 48:14
Who will think on Buddhism? Who has the chops to do so? What does it mean to place Buddhism in a configuration of contemplation alongside other thought and one’s personal experience of living a life in some way intimate with Buddhism as practice, as culture, as being and becoming?

Although this season of the podcast is practice focussed, this does not mean a return to the ...

78. IBP: Glenn Wallis on Personal Practice & Anarchism

Feb 21 • 01:35:21
Down the country path we stroll for another practice episode, this time with our regular guest Glenn Wallis. We go through the personal questions I've been posing to all the guests this season, but we also make time to talk about the non-buddhism practice group, Incite events, and Glenn's new book An Anarchist Manifesto.

The episode has a written primer that you may find st...

77. IBP: Gregory Kramer on Practice

Feb 8 • 56:44
And so it goes on. This is our second episode in the new practice series. In the meantime, I had something of an allergic reaction to social media, and the internet more broadly. Despite a pretty disciplined relationship with digital life, I had something akin to an epiphany mid-January and realised that in my own way I had got caught up in maintaining what I am increasing...

76. IBP - Chenxing Han: Be the Refuge, Asian Buddhism in America

Jan 18 • 51:40
Asian and Buddhist and living in America: Does any of that matter? Those focussed in on practice and not much else regarding Buddhism might proclaim a resounding no. Others, all too aware of the tendency of western practitioners to ignore culture, and Buddhism beyond the meditation cushion might instead bellow forth with a resounding yes! Whatever your take, today’s guest ...

75. IBP - George Haas on the Practicing Life

Jan 9 • 01:14:23
Happy New Year to one and all and welcome to this new season (proper) of the Imperfect Buddha Podcast. Focussed on practice, this season engages Buddhist teachers, long-term practitioners, and creative innovators engaged in the practising life. Interspersed with regular interviews, this practice focussed season finally gets the podcast off of the couch and responding to th...

74. IBP: Being at Large with Santiago Zabala

Oct 30 • 01:01:49
Santiago Zabala was once described as a most ignorant philosopher by the American philosopher Brian Leiter: An interesting take that one will need to interpret for themselves in listening to this conversation on fake news, the role of interpretation, freedom, and being at large. Santiago is not at all ignorant, of course, and might be better understood as a pluralistic thi...

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