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Positive University Podcast

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Positive inspiration and encouragement to help you overcome your challenges and make a greater impact! Hosted by bestselling author, Jon Gordon.

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Zuby | Freedom, Liberty and Choice

Dec 6 • 01:30:04

Welcome to Jon Gordon's Positive University Podcast. In this episode Jon is joined by Zuby. Zuby is an independent rapper, author, podcast host, public speaker and creative entrepreneur, with over 1 million followers on social media, 10 million+ video views online and he's been featured on numerous media outlets including the Joe Rogan Experience, BBC, Fox News, and many o...

AJ Vaden | The Power of a Personal Brand

Nov 29 • 38:16

Trust is the currency of success today and a significant way to build trust is through intentionally developing a personal brand. Why? Because people follow people and the more they know, like and trust you, the more likely they are to do business with you. This isn't just about being an instagram influencer, it extends beyond and is applicable for all types of business, c...

Justin Donald | How to Generate Passive Income, Work Less and Have a Better Quality of Life

Nov 22 • 34:44

How different would you life look if you could create passive income (the kind that just comes in automatically each month) to cover your car payment or house payment? Now imagine taking that even further where you generate enough passive income that allow's you to control your time and live the lifestyle you want while working less. That's what you'll learn how to do in t...

Heather Monahan | Gaining Confidence and Overcoming Your Villains

Nov 14 • 32:28
If you’ve every struggled with confidence, limiting beliefs or just need help finding the courage to pursue your full potential, this episode is for you!    Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. Today Jon is joined by, Heather Monahan.   Heather is a top podcaster, acclaimed keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Boss in Heels. Heather has achieved a ...

Chef Andrew Gruel | From Foot Truck to Top Restaurant Sensation

Nov 7 • 01:03:15

In this episode Jon Gordon is joined by Chef Andrew Gruel....

Seth Radwell | The Secret to Healing our Divided Nation

Oct 31 • 53:58

Welcome to Jon Gordon’s Positive University Podcast. In this episode Jon is joined by Seth Radwell for a fascinating discussion on how certain historical events reveal the secrets of how we can unite our deeply divided nation....

Yes to Vaccines. No to Mandates and Passports.

Oct 21 • 15:28

Jonathan Isaac | Why I Stand - Taking a Stand for What You Believe In

Oct 17 • 32:41

Jon Gordon is joined by Jonathan Isaac, NBA player for the Orlando Magic. In addition to being a star on the court, Jonathan has received a lot of attention for his public stance on certain popular issues. He's a very insightful young man with a big heart to make a positive difference in the world. During this episode Jonathan talks about taking a stand for what you believ...

Howard Behar - Former Starbucks President on Putting People First

Oct 11 • 41:07

Today Jon Gordon is joined by Howard Behar. Howard was the North American president of Starbucks for 21 years. During his tenure, he helped grow the franchise from 28 stores to more than 15,000 across five continents and served on the Starbucks board of directors for 12 years until his retirement. He’' actually the one who coined the term "We aren’t in the coffee business ...

Jade McCarthy |Availability is the Best Ability

Sep 21 • 38:00

Welcome to Jon Gordon's Positive University Podcast. Today Jon is joined by Jade McCarthy, former sports broadcaster for ESPN. Jade is also a writer and storyteller....

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