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Bitch Media’s twice monthly feminist pop culture podcast Popaganda, as well as fresh stories from our friends at Audio Smut. Subscribe to the podcast via RSS or on iTunes!

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GLAMOUR: Beyond Capitalism

Mar 19 • 01:11:38

Capitalism has complicated our cultural definition of “glamour”—and in the process, it has corrupted how we see and express ourselves. Host Carmen Rios talks to journalist Tansy Hoskins, who’s the author of 2014’s Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion and 2020’s Foot Work: What Your Shoes Are Doing To The World; girls’ empowerment speaker Brie Mathers (Love the ...

GLAMOUR: How to Lipstick it to the Man

Feb 27 • 55:52

In the sixth episode of Popaganda’s GLAMOUR season, host Carmen Rios meets up with Davida Hall from Lipstick Lobby in Los Angeles—and finds out the stories behind each shade of the feminist beauty brand’s movement-oriented products....

GLAMOUR: Class War, But Make it Fashion

Feb 14 • 01:17:10

GLAMOUR: Inside Michele Pred’s Feminist Artist Studio

Feb 3 • 01:02:16

GLAMOUR: Climate Anxiety, But Make it Fashion

Jan 16 • 01:10:18

GLAMOUR: The Feminist Beauty Secrets of Witches

Jan 3 • 01:11:24

In the second episode of Popaganda’s GLAMOUR season, host Carmen Rios explores the powerful potential of witchy beauty rituals—like hexing the patriarchy, carrying empowering talismans and invoking the names of powerful goddesses alone to yourself in your room. Featuring: Pam Grossman (host of The Witch Wave podcast and the author of “Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women...

GLAMOUR: The Feminist Guide to Escaping Diet Culture

Dec 19 • 01:28:29

Popaganda’s GLAMOUR season is finally here—and in the first episode, host Carmen Rios charts the course toward a feminist future without diet culture. Tune in to hear from The F*ck-It Diet founder Caroline Dooner; Sabrina Strings, author of “Fearing the Black Body;” Kimberly Dark, author of “Fat, Pretty and Soon to Be Old;” and Virgie Tovar, author of “You Have the Right t...

BONUS EP: Burning Down the House

Dec 12 • 01:09:15

With the 2020 election looming closer than ever, Popaganda host Carmen Rios calls up four women leading the fight for gender parity in politics—A’shanti Gholar, from EMERGE America; Erin Vilardi, of VoteRunLead; Aimee Allison, founder of She The People; and Jennifer Mandelblatt, founder of PLATFORM—and political reporter and author Prachi Gupta to talk about the fierce fem...

HEAT: Real Talk with Feminist Trailblazers

Nov 22 • 01:56:46

Popaganda’s HEAT season comes to a fiery conclusion this week—with host Carmen Rios in conversation with a slew of inspiring feminist trailblazers. Inspired by her own crisis of conscience, and her own feelings of displacement and isolation in the movement, Carmen calls on iconic movement leaders and shakers and encourages listeners to appreciate the sacrifices and the cha...

HEAT: Stovetop Social Justice

Sep 12 • 01:04:39

Popaganda host Carmen Rios is taking listeners out for some mission-driven meals in the latest episode of the podcast's HEAT season. This week, she's joined by Miry's List Founder Miry Whitehill and Christy Anderson, who runs the organization's supper club series; KCRW's Good Food host Evan Kleinman; and refugee chef Maaysa Kanjo—all of whom offer up insights into the impa...

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