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The only podcast you'll ever need... Cubs podcast with Andy from Pointless Exercise, Sam Fels from Deadspin and Kyle Reichert. Bears podcast and Movie Deep Dive Podcast with Andy and actor/comedian Mike Pusateri. And, "Mike and Andy Reminisce About Some Crap" features Andy and Mike DonahueRead more

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169. The Bears oldest and most irrelevant rival - Remember This Crap? - Pointless Exercise Podcast

Dec 3 • 01:38:45

The Bears and the Cardinals go back to even before they both played in Chicago, and yet, there aren't that many memorable games in the 121 year history of the "rivalry." The guys take a look back at how the rivalry got started, the many moves of the Cardinals, and yes, it turns out there were more important games between the two other than the time Devin Hester tore Dennis...

169. Another Thanksgiving Ruined - Pointless Exercise Bears Podcast

Nov 27 • 01:21:09

The Bears and Lions put America through an unwatchable slog in the early game on Thanksgiving and Mike P. and Andy are here to talk about it, about the weird week that preceded it (even by Bears' standards), and about where the Bears go from here. They have theories on whether the McCaskeys were really going to fire Nagy, about who leaked the news and about the new feud be...

168. - Thanksgiving Special - Remember This Crap? - Pointless Exercise Podcast

Nov 25 • 01:22:53

Few teams have ruined more Thanksgivings for their fans than our Bears, and Mike D. and I felt it necessary to Remember This Crap about the many times the Bears have caused us indigestion on Turkey Day. They've been better on that day than you might think, then again, the fact that the Lions have been terrible so long has helped. We unearthed some gems, and were reminded o...

167. - Nobody drives the narrative like our Bears - Pointless Exercise Bears Podcast

Nov 24 • 01:18:16

The Bears played a wet turd of a game on Sunday against the Ravens, the only reason to watch them got hurt, Matt Nagy blew all three second half timeouts in spectacular fashion, and on Tuesday morning we thought it all finally got him fired. Until he wasn't. Yet. Maybe. Andy and Mike P. discuss all of that, plus a look ahead to a completely perfunctory Thanksgiving game in...

166. - "Did that guy go to prison?" - Remember This Crap? - Bears-Ravens - Pointless Exercise Podcast

Nov 18 • 01:21:34

The Bears and Ravens don't have a long, illustrious history but the Bears have gotten the better of Baltimore in the series, even if the Ravens have been a more consistently good team than the Bears during the last quarter century. Andy and Mike D. recall Ravens who have gone to prison and those who should have, too many Michigan quarterbacks, Dave Wannstedt refusing to pu...

97 - "The Packers were of no consequence" - Remember This Crap?

Nov 17 • 01:11:49

It's the one you've been waiting for. Mike D. and Andy Remember This Crap about the Bears and Packers. From the glory days when the Bears never lost to the Packers to whatever things are now, the guys remember Packers cheap shots, Chester Marcol's mad dash and the Bears revenge later that season, Bryan Robinson's jump, Devin Hester's debut, Lovie's "we are gonna beat Green...

165. Enough stupid to go around - Bears v Steelers - Pointless Exercise Podcast

Nov 10 • 01:05:37

Matt Nagy was back on the sidelines and so was all of the dumb stuff that makes his coaching so special in the Bears 29-27 loss to the Steelers. The good news was that Justin Fields looked great, the bad news was that the Bears and the officials combined for so much dumb that even that wasn't enough for a win. The Bears head into the bye on a four game losing streak and ev...

164. Remember This Crap? - Bears v. Steelers - Pointless Exercise Podcast

Nov 5 • 01:20:17

The Bears and Steelers square off on Monday Night and since there's no Manning Brothers Jamboree on ESPN2, you might as well just play this podcast while you watch the game with the sound down. Andy and Mike D. look back at the long history of the Steelers (a lot of it is surprisingly bad) and some key matchups between the two teams. They look back at the only Bears win of...

163. Occasional bouts of competence - Pointless Exercise Bears Podcast

Nov 2 • 01:15:29

The Bears played without Matt Nagy on Sunday, something we'd all like to get used to. Justin Fields looked really good, something we'd also like to get used to. And yet, the Bears suffered a pretty dispiriting loss with a terrible defensive effort, and even progress for their offense leaves them at the bottom of the NFL. Andy and Mike P. ponder the job statuses of Matt Nag...

162 - Kelly Dwyer Returns - Pointless Exercise Podcast

Oct 28 • 01:33:34

The biggest starts of Substack join forces as internationally renowned NBA scribe Kelly Dwyer joins Andy to talk about all of the really important stuff you want to hear them discuss. They talk 80s baseball, Andy's trip to St. Louis as a small boy, Premier League Darts, the Mandrell sisters, the most egregious snubs from the NBA's top 76* list, Continental Basketball Assoc...

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