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Struggling to start your podcast? Or, maybe you started a show but now you feel like you’re drowning? Podcasting Step by Step blends actionable guidance with motivation and a little loving hand-holding to help you overcome the overwhelm and turn you into a world-class podcaster.

Popular episodes

Black Friday Special on Podcast Launch Academy

Nov 22 • 01:18

Black Friday has come early! Or maybe it’s an early Cyber Monday? Or, Small Business Saturday. However you like to shop, Podcast Launch Academy is having a super special holiday offer for the next two days. ...

Engagement: How to Easily Add Audio Clips from Your Listeners to Your Podcast

Jul 14 • 08:51

Looking to spice up your podcast format? Try adding audio clips from your listeners. It's a fun way to engage your audience and it's not as complicated as you might think. Speakpipe is a popular tool you can use but I talk about a free way to capture listener feedback in this episode.

Hiya, I'm your host Sarah Mikutel, podcast launch consultant at your service.

Are you r...

Paid Podcasts: Should You Create One?

May 2 • 09:35

In case you haven’t heard, both Apple and Spotify have rolled out podcast subscription programs, which would allow individual creators to get paid for their work.


Referral Partnerships: Growing & Monetizing Your Podcast and Business Through Relationships

Apr 1 • 28:06

How do I grow my podcast? How do I make money with my podcast? Those are the most popular subjects when it comes to podcasting about podcasting. ...

What Most Podcasters Get Wrong About Marketing

Mar 11 • 35:27

Why do some podcasts grow while others do not? 

My guest today, Jeremy Enns, asked himself that question and is in a unique position to get an answer. He’s CEO & Storyteller In Chief of Counterweight Creative, a podcast strategy and marketing agency.

Jeremy looked into the data of what was and wasn’t working for his clients. Today, he's sharing what he’s learned. Jeremy and ...

Clubhouse for Podcasters: How to Connect with New Listeners & Find Guests for Your Show

Feb 19 • 18:34

As a podcaster, should you be on Clubhouse, the newish social media app that’s audio only?

If so, how can you use Clubhouse to deepen your connection with your podcast audience, help new listeners discover you, and find great people to interview? 

I will dive into that in this episode. Plus share some surprising things I learned while playing around on this app over the las...

Remote Podcast Interviews: Camera On or Off?

Jan 14 • 10:03

Do you record your remote interviews with the camera on or off? On Podcasting Step by Step, I share what I do and why, plus who should keep their camera off and who should have it on (it has nothing to do with looks!)...

Podcasting in 2021: The Tools and Services I'm Using

Dec 31 • 13:19

As we close out the year, I thought this would be a good time to share with you the current podcast products and services that I’m using and will likely continue to use throughout 2021....

Introducing LIVE Without Borders

Dec 9 • 49:21

** Note the original name of my new pod was Part of Something Greater, but I've since changed it to LIVE Without Borders*

Well, hello there, fellow podcaster. I just experienced the joy and nervousness of launching a new podcast: LIVE Without Borders, a show for peacefully ambitious people seeking personal transformation so they can better themselves, their communities, and...

Video Podcasting: Essential Tips & Tools to Get Started (and What Not to Waste Your Time On)

Nov 13 • 45:46

Have you thought about adding video to your podcast? You might know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google -- people can’t get enough of video and consumption is only going up. There’s also a lot more video on social media. So if you’re trying to grow your audience, should your audio podcast also show up as a video show? ...

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